In Video: TNA New Year’s Knockout Eve

Last night saw a history-making night for women’s wrestling fans as TNA presented New Year’s Knockout Eve, a four hour show dedicated to the Knockouts. Featuring an 8-Knockout #1 Contender’s tournament and a tag team match, we got to see a full card of women’s wrestling on television. For those that didn’t get to watch the show, consider this your catch-up! Watch all of the action and leave your thoughts in the comments!

For full results & thoughts from the show click here.

Unfortunately, not the best quality but we’ll try to update the videos as we find better videos.

First Round: Madison Rayne vs Hamada

More after the cut:

First Round: Velvet Sky vs Roxxi
Video missing.

First Round: Traci Brooks vs ODB

First Round: Daffney vs Awesome Kong

Tag Team Match: Sarita/Taylor Wilde vs April Hunter/Lorelei Lee

Second Round: Roxxi vs Hamada

Second Round: ODB vs Awesome Kong

Final: Hamada vs ODB

ODB and Tara promo

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  • RKOyou

    Such a great night for the knockouts, the best matches were madison rayne vs. Hamada, daffney vs. kong, Hamada vs. Roxxi(bets match of the night), and kinda ODB vs. Hamada. Also, Lacey von erich attacking Roxxi is worth watching, Lacey actually did good and came off as believeble

    even though I didn’t want ODB to win, I can understand why they made her win. I mean she lost to Roxxi cleanly on impact and lost again cleanly to Tara on PPV, that doesn’t exactly make her deserving for a KO title rematch when girls like Hamada and Roxxi have been winning all there matches on impact. This tournment was set up so whoever won would be deserving of a title shot and ODB did win all 3 of her matches so I guess she’s deserving kinda

    it doesn’t really matter since we all know Tara will win on jan 4 and then she’ll move to another fued,hopifully with alissa flash

  • vonVile

    Speaking of title re-matches, am I the only one that’s tired of that nonsense? It went to the point of ridiculous this year in the WWE with the Cena/Orton feud. The title flip-flopped for what it seemed like forever. I hope Tara’s win is the start of something TNA should incorporate permanently where whoever loses a title match that’s it. you got to re-earn one. No lame rematch clauses!

  • Hassam

    this night will be so memorable for the fans long live knockouts

  • MarBu13

    Out of all the great Knockouts and wrestling that night, I’m pretty impressed with the “lesser talented ones” – Madison Rayne, Lorelei Lee and April Hunter.

    Lorelei Lee – I never seen before. She’s similar to Taylor Wilde but she isn’t a rip off to me at least. She can sell very good and keep up with the fast offense pace that Wilde/Sarita put on. She looked pretty natural in the ring and if TNA was to sign her, I can see her being hooked with April Hunter in a pretty good tag team.

    April Hunter – I knew of her and didn’t like what I saw so much (back then). I heard she was clunky in the ring and just altogether average. I knew she was a Poppa Pump Freak or one of the original NWO girls and that faker then fake, plastic look (Tylene Buck/Major Gunnz look) is pretty disgusting to me. But I liked what I saw on TV, especially since she supposedly was in semi-retirement. I like her physique and she looks like she can move crisply in the ring. I also really want TNA to sign her to continue a tag team feud with Sarita/Wilde or put her in a feud with Tara (which is what I would pay to see).

    Madison Rayne – Really came out of her shell. I call her mini Torrie Wilson because I’m a huge Wilson fan and see just ” a little ” of Torrie in her ( Just a little, but I’ll take what I can get ). She had her strongest match to date with Hamada and I don’t think Hamada was carrying her. She really looked good out there and I know if WWE ever signed her, she would shine brighter in a division that depends on story-telling more then the crazy, TNA highspots.

    Pretty good show.

  • Macho Madness

    that promo/brawl at the end was a great way to build up for monday night…i can’t wait for the monday impact!!

  • Ryo Saeba

    here s the reasons why the knockouts are more interesting than the boring divas

  • theregoeskitty

    hamada vs madison 7/10 it could have been better IMO,
    it felt like hamada did a shuffle side kick every 2 minutes it was getting a bit stale.
    i like madisons new hair style it would look better straightened tho

    ODB vs traci 6/10 very slow, i liked traci’s spear but the T-shirt thing looked like a desperate attempt to get some fandom from hulk hogan

    Kong vs daffney: i again slow but i still enjoyed this match alot, it was intresting to see daffney somewhat get the best of kong, they should have made it a street fight tho 7/10

    saritaylor vs april hunter and lorelei Lee: ok match, i hated april and lorelei’s entrance together it was like they didn’t even know eachother and there energy was dead (its not hard to act)
    the match was good but i’m undecided on whether or not i would like to see april and lorelei again, 6/10

    hamada vs roxxi my fave of the night, both knockouts showed some very good moves, and hamada did a great forward dropkick off the tunbuckle 9/10

    ODB vs kong 8/10 the ending was a good idea but you could see it a mile away

    ODB vs hamada 8/10 nice finnish however i would have rather had hamada win

  • mah

    madison showed how good she is in this match…i loved it

  • rico
  • Jennifer

    Match of the night was easily Roxxi vs Hamada followed by Hamada vs Madison. So awesome to see Madison show off some of her skills, she’s been overshadowed and underused. And the more I see of Hamada the more I love her.