Year-End Awards 2009: Best Gimmick

2009 is now over and we are celebrating with our second annual Year-End Awards. This year, we have had thousands of votes as you have voted for the top Divas, Knockouts, matches and moments of 2009!And now it’s time to reveal the winners.


The nominees are:

* Alissa Flash
* The Beautiful People
* Daffney
* Maryse

Continue for the result:

And the winner is…

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  • RKOyou

    oh come on,why is maryse winning all of them

  • gmosoto

    3 in a row! :D
    I’m sexier than you!, describes maryse gimmick!

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Daffney should have won this one.

  • gmosoto

    and all the people who thinks that maryse doesnt have fans
    well, 3 awards :D

  • PedroPedroso17

    This one was like, made for Daffney, oh well, Maryse does play her character very well, it almost comes out as a real-life thing.

  • KrissyVaineLurver

    Really dont agree here. Maryse’s gimmick is a copy of the beautiful people only she talks some french into it. Daffney should’ve won for sure imo

  • MarBu13

    Yeah, I thought Daffney had this in the bag as well.

    Is Maryse’s gimmick really the best? Come to the ghetto, you can see that everywhere lol.

    But even I would’ve voted her in, just on her “Ask The Divas” appearance alone.

  • rodneyclint

    Haha, I love that my girl is racking up and it cracks me up because all of you people are totally hating.

  • theregoeskitty

    omg lol maryse is winning everything i guess she has some extreme fans, i like her personality but its not really a gimick its just maryse, i voted for daffney

  • Ryo Saeba

    yeah, people who speaks french win.No in fact,this suck……

  • Rhawk [Thee AJ Styling, Torrie loving, Diet Coke consuming maniac]

    Oh for GOD SAKE! Daffney had this award in the bag! Maryse is just a rotten theif! >=( xD

  • TaylorJade

    I’m going to serve as an echo and say that I am really surprised that Daffney didn’t take this one.

  • shannymac

    Daffney should have won! I like Maryse, but she doesn’t even have a solid gimmick. It’s mostly just hair-flipping, hand gestures, and stilted promos. This is worse than Maria being Diva of the year!

    …Ok, not really, but I’m still upset

  • xOxONic

    Its hard for a female wrestler to have a gimmick, it really is. I was like, well no WWE Diva will win this. I actually thought Jillian should’ve atleast been nominated.

  • BulgarianAngel


  • Dan

    How? Daffney’s psychotic persona lost to someone who barely anyone can understand?

  • TrishMelinaFan

    WTF?!Oh hell no,nobody screws over my Daffney…

  • Mikas

    I love Daffney, but she appears on tv like once every 6 weeks? And if she does she is used as a jobber, so it’s understandable people didnt vote for her.

  • vonVile

    BS!!! Daffney all the way!

  • Jennifer

    Nothing was “stolen”, its not like these things were rigged. They’re just internet polls. If people are upset that their woman didn’t win, they should’ve voted more. You could vote more than once. I voted several times for Lita for WOTD. I voted for Daffney but I only voted once – it’s nothing to get upset about.

  • SereneAndTranquil

    Daffney has the best gimmick. Now I love Maryse but you can find a hot cocky conceited blond anywhere. And I’m sure a few could probably be French – Canadian.

  • SheamusNoKoibito

    I agree that Daffney has the best gimmick. I agree with SereneAndTranquil; there are tons of Maryses existing or just waiting to happen. Maryse’s gimmick can be a amusing at times but it’s not like the sit-up-and-pay attention Daffney gimmick does for me (but that’s probably due to a predilection for goths over blond snobby/mean-girls types). There are a lotta goth girls, too, but not like Daffney, at least not in a major televised promotion. The girl takes some major sick bumps and keeps going! :)