Detailed SmackDown Spoilers for 1/15

Diva Dirt reader Kristy sent in her own account of the action from last night’s SmackDown taping. The show airs on Friday. Click the ‘+’ to read:

SmackDown - January 15, 2010
Divas match was a short bout. Mickie James vs. Beth in a singles match with an interference by Michelle & Layla. Beth was pretty dominant throughout the match. The match never ended as Beth left up the ramp & then let LayCool come in to do their “business.” Michelle was lifting up her nose taunting Mickie (calling her a pig) and finished off with the Faith Breaker. All ladies looked great though. :)

Side note: Someone in the crowd yelled out “Let’s go fat-so!” (Something along these lines). It was pretty clearly heard but I’m not sure if it will be on the taping. Poor Mickie :(

Thoughts after the cut:

Melanie’s Thoughts
Looks like this week the Lost wheel of fortune lands on Michelle McCool after starring turns for the other three Divas in previous weeks.

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  • Jenny

    Same ol’ same ol’…. This is getting boring and very predictable.

  • TheHartDynasty

    In the words of the miz really wwe same old crap thisis starting to get really old and really boring Mickie getting made fun of by laycool and in the end being dominated by them some way. come on wwe I want to see Michelle mccool wrestle when is the last time she was actually in a schedule wrestling match? This is so boring btw I never thought I would say this but I am finding the Raw divas Action much better then the smackdown divas action know that’s not a good thing!

  • bortman

    i guess everyone are taking their turns.. 2weeks ago it was beth, then last week, mickie now its michelle and layla. i can almost tell next week its going to be a tag team match with mickie and beth winning.

  • Kaledrina

    hmm.. i was expecting something a bit more exciting. but with most things diva, it’s probably a lot better than it sounds.

    surprised we didn’t get that blatant tag match that’s bound to happen, yet also glad we didn’t get the obvious.

  • matty

    lmao i love that crowd member!!

  • xmelissaa

    Mickie & Beth vs Michelle & Layla next week sounds about right. I may dislike the ‘Piggy James’ aspect of this storyline, but I actually think it’s better than any of the divas action we’ve had in a while.

  • Mikas

    Lots of complaints already, and the match hasnt even aired yet! We finally have a storyline that is building up to a PPV match (with Mickie or Beth obviously winning), but lets complain anyway.

    Micke and Beth both helped eachother once in previous 2 weeks but also attacked eachother afterwards. So this was the logical next step. And off course this ends up without a clear finish. If either Mickie or Beth would’ve been pinned cleanly it would’ve ruined the story and a possible 3-way match for the title. Also, you can’t turn Beth face yet (assuming that a triple threat match is in the works), that works much better with a heel-face-tweener instead of 2 faces and a heel. So WWE just followed the Wrestling 101 book in this match.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Mikas is rite all there doing is progressing the storyline. But I was hoping for Michelle to wrestle this week though. Maybe next week they are gonna do Mickie & Beth vs Michelle & Layla. I guess this week was Michelle’s turn.

    PPl who are saying that this is boring and predictable. You guys dont even know Action when its hitting you right in the face. Shame! At least we are getting some type of storyline here which can lead to an awesome match at the RR or Wrestlemania.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    BTW the crowd memeber who said lets go fat so…it aint nothing new what person in the crowd dosent take cheap shots at the Divas & Superstars calling them names.

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    2 on 1 diva beatdown? Sounds intriguing, wonder how it’ll turn out…Although, it seems like everyone is taking turns getting their just deserts in this story, so I’m guessing next week Michelle and Layla are going to get theirs? Also when’s the Rumble? The 24th? Because we still don’t have a match for it.

    I agree with Mikas, everyone needs to wait for TV before bringing in their own negative pessimistic insight. No matter how detailed the spoilers (thanks to Kristy btw), they aren’t going to do TV justice.

  • Rhawk [Thee AJ Styling, Torrie loving, Diet Coke consuming maniac]

    Who that fan was … I wish they would drop dead. =X I know that was harsh but for God sake the woman is going though enough trouble as it is, we don’t want some derainged ifiot shouting out false things just to get himself notice. GO TO HELL JACK@SS!!!! >=(

    But the episode sounds boring anyway, I don’t want to say this but … RAW beats SmackDown this week. =X

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Beth getting out of the ring in the middle of a match to let others beat the crap out of her opponent? That’s so unBeth-like.

  • xDivaMedia

    If I Was Beside The Kid In The Crowd I Woud Punch Him :@… ALso Mickie vs Beth AGAIN???

  • Paul Devlin

    excited muchh!

  • Undi

    If this is already considered “boring”, then I guess Smackdown has truly been spoiling diva fans as of late. I’d call this more confusing than anything. After last week, Beth certainly doesn’t seem to have a reason to help McCool. Of course, at the same time, she didn’t really partake in the beatdown herself. This is probably one on those segments that you have to watch live to truly understand.

    Either way, it beats the horribly dry writing over on RAW, and makes for entertaining television. For years, we had to BEG to see a simple babyface beatdown in this division. Things like that have been part of the reason that the divas can’t get over. And I must say, Mickie almost has to win the title now, with the way she’s been brutalized in this feud. Heh.

  • RKOyou

    This is why I think smackdown is not good, while they may have good storylines, they don’t have anyone interesting there

    Raw is the place to be

  • ebmich

    “This is why I think smackdown is not good, while they may have good storylines, they don’t have anyone interesting there”

    I concur. Layla is the only bringing something besides a flatline personality and same ol matches. And at the end of the segment, she isn’t what the storyline is about. She acted like she was about to literally crap her pants at Beth while Beth didn’t do anything she hasn’t done in the past 2 years.

    I mean, really? Another f’n Mickie vs Beth match? I know that some of the men in the WWE have fought back and forth forever, but there were other things going on. On SD, we have had a Mickie vs Beth match twice in three weeks.

  • Jamal

    Why wouldn’t they showcase Mickie and Beth? The crowd at least cares about them. Sadly, I can’t remember Layla ever getting a reaction for anything that didn’t involve her dancing or a scandalous outfit. And I say this as a person that actually likes her. LOL!

  • appleman58

    I fear that Mickie will end up like Lita leaving the wwe on bad terms being mocked ,embarrassed, and harassed as she has a screw ball ending to her wwe career.

  • Slapshot

    Mickie/Beth worked the house show loop this weekend too, version 2,437.
    This “fued” is out of gas, time for the payoff, Smackdown need’s the Womens Champion in the ring, working.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Well, maybe with the rumors of a Booker T return, another Diva will appear in this: Sharmell. She isn’t a big deal, but maybe they could use her to spice up the SD roster.

  • Looking Glass

    I’m on the fence with this, at the end of the day, if it was so predictable we’d know what match is coming, when and who wins it. We still don’t know if this is going to be Michelle vs Mickie or Mickie vs. Michelle vs. Beth or Michelle vs. Beth or whatever, at least its not going on as pre-determined as Raws storyline. Also how can you prefer Raw this week? With its two 2 minutes worth of action and the compulsory Maryse show.

    As for for Sharmell? I doubt WWE would want her anywhere near the ring after the pantomine of her vs. Jenna. Plus its been said that WWE has stopped negotiating with Booker, after he wanted a contract similiar to Shawn Michaels’, he also said he wouldnt mind becoming a commentator, but I don’t think the ‘E’ wanted either from him.

    What SmackDown needs to do is turn Michelle back face, I mean I love the fact she’s champion and breaking the Mickie trend, though I feel this may soon change and I also like the fact they’re building her up rather than just sticking to the status quo, but I think Michelle was a more popular face, plus faces tend to have less personality anyway and that suits Michelle down to the ground. That way we’d have Michelle, Maria and Mickie as faces, with Natalya, Beth and Layla as heel. I’d possibly be tempted however to promote Serena “Mia” Mancini to the roster as a new heel, because I agree the roster needs freshening up, to escape its limited feeling.

  • Robert

    Yes this was a great match.NOw each have helped each other.Glad Beth got disqualified and not winging the match against Mickie.But it is sure that MIchelle and layla will get they’res of course.
    will make a great match.Beth being a tweener is sure a great spot for her to be in.One can only guess
    when they’ll tag- team Beth and Mickie to hand out some much needed punishment against the
    actions of Michelle and layla for there tactics.They will get they’re pay back and that would be good
    place for Beth to joing forces with Mickie and show just how well they can tag team against anybody.
    The build-up of this face turn on Beth her being a tweener is just great.Michelle an Layla need they’re turn and getting attacked by 2 very tough Divas’ .And being that Beth and Mickie knowing each other
    in the ring very well will be very awesome to see.

  • Robert

    And I am in total agreement with Mikas .SmackDown is getting to be the place to see great Diva
    matches.Yes Michelle and layla need there turn and getting they’re just deserts.