Angelina Love’s Return a Ratings Hit

The return of Angelina Love on last week’s episode of Impact was the highest rated segment of the entire broadcast. The segment, which also included a Knockouts tag team match featuring Awesome Kong and Hamada taking on The Beautiful People, drew a 1.34 cable rating.

Overall, the show was watched by 1.8 million viewers and and averaged a 1.26 rating.

Ratings data courtesy of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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  • TrishMelinaFan

    Just more proof that the knockouts are the best part of TNA,and that Angie is the best knockout. :P

  • Evan

    Yay she’s still got it

  • Minicaky

    She came back and showed EVERYONE that she deserves to be there (top heel in company…HELLO!). She wasn’t going to let “little” visa issues stop her! :) You go girl!! In fact, all of the knockouts get a big “YAAYY!!” from me:) Keep it up…no…raise the bar even higher!

  • vince_martin88

    @minicaky angelina is face now…based on the spoilers (shook hands with tara after their match)

  • Mikas

    If she is a full face now, it would be nice if she uses less makeup and dresses less trashy ;-)

  • Teri

    Great news!

  • TNAFan80


  • Lady Sheamus

    Proof positive that the Knockouts have what it takes to bring in the ratings!

    @Mikas – Agreed. I want to see what she really looks like.

  • vonVile

    Angelina turning face is another dumb move by TNA. They just blew Tara vs Angelina for the KO title.

    On the plus side, TNA flip-flops KOs from face to heel every episode. Knowing Angelina she’ll be back to her old ways after she puts TBP back in order with her back as HBIC.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Maybe this could be a sign for TNA to bring back the two knockout matches in each show.

  • MrStaceyWood

    Duh.. Angelina is a walking Rating. lol

  • Minicaky

    @vince_martin88 I know she is turning face. I meant that before she had to leave, she was the top heel in the company. It would only make sense that upon her return she would get a large reaction. For someone who works as hard as she does (including to become top heel) she deserves every bit of praise.
    As far as her needing to change her look, I do agree, however I haven’t seen her since her return so I don’t know if she is going to do the “I’m dressed like TBP but I’m still feuding with them” thing or if she is going to change it up. Based on what I know about her and from following her when she was in developmental and even a little before then, the way she dresses now is the same as back then. [The long tight pants, corsets, cut off shirts (exposed abs, which are hardcore! BTW), the fish net-short shorts (tights) combo, the hair (she has had straight hair which looked pretty good in my opinion), and lots of makeup]. Considering this, I think that if she does change then it would only be a little bit…she would probably stick to the “rocker chick” look since it defines her (she loves rock). I think that she is a gorgeous girl, but sometimes her choices make her come off as hard (more “manly” than feminine or less pretty than she really is). She can still be “the rocker” and appear more gorgeous than “trashy” only if she finds the right balance (makeup, hair, attire).
    Whatever her choice I stick by her!