Impact Write-Up (January 21st, 2010): Knockout Action… Diva Style?

I suppose I should begin this by introducing myself. My name is Cryssi and I’m Diva Dirt‘s new TNA correspondent. It’s an honor to be here and I promise to bring my best each and every week with whatever I do here! I’m excited for this job. Part of the excitement stems from the fact I’ve been thrust into the middle of a train wreck of a show. TNA is a soap opera of revolving doors, pointless drama, and politics. At least that’s how I view it. With the departure of Alissa Flash and Awesome Kong’s request for her release, we’re left with some questions about the Knockouts division. None of them were answered on this week’s episode of Impact and we likely won’t know much until TNA returns for more tapings. Tara was absent from this show, as were Knockout Tag Champs, Awesome Kong and Hamada. The Beautiful People and Angelina Love were the only entertainment for us Knockout fans. So with all that being said, lets get on with my first ever Impact Write-Up!

We’re treated to a backstage shot of Angelina getting mentally ready for her match but that’s not all fans. We get a video package too! The history of Angelina’s break-up with the Beautiful People is rehashed, and I’m not going to lie; I still laugh whenever I see her beat the crap out of Velvet Sky. It’s hilarious. Madison Rayne comes out first and she doesn’t look half bad tonight. She’s improving week after week and her antics toward the crowd were pretty funny. I loved when she booed the fan that was booing her, and her overall attitude was great and spot on. She does her posing with the ropes and on the turnbuckles, and it surprised me to see that she came out sans Velvet and Lacey von Erich. Angelina comes out next, to her new music, and gets a hot face reaction. The crowd seemed really excited to see her and rightfully so. She’s one of the few women left in TNA now who can actually put on an amazing, legit match.

The bell rings and Angelina goes after Madison. The referee tries to stop it seeing as how Madison is backed into the corner, and to her credit Angelina backs off. Madison uses Angelina’s sportsmanship to her advantage and goes right after her former leader. She hits a few nice punches and gets Angelina to the mat. The Canadian does her best to defend herself, but Madison doesn’t really let up until she (Madison) gets back to her feet. Angelina is up as well and is met with a few stiff forearms to her jaw, then finds herself pressed against the ropes. Madison whips Angelina to the other side, but momentum switches and Angelina slams Madison down to the mat by her hair!

With Madison down, Angelina takes charge. She mounts her and begins to unleash her angst on her former lackey. Madison takes the abuse and then gets thrown into the corner. Okay, she doesn’t get thrown. Her face eats a mouthful of turnbuckle and it looks like it really hurts. Madison stumbles to the left and is “helped” to her feet by Angelina. Angelina goes for a whip, Madison reverses it, Angelina ducks a clotheslines, and Madison gets absolutely destroyed by a sick bicycle kick! Angelina goes for an arrogant cover and gets the victory.


We’re not done, however. Angelina decides to celebrate her victory by ripping Madison’s top off and choking the girl with it. Cue Velvet and Lacey von Erich. Lacey is carrying the ugly stick in her hand but Angelina doesn’t seem to care. She kicks the von Erich spawn in her stomach and Lacey goes down like dead weight. Madison is back up, but Angelina takes care of her as well. LVE goes down again and Velvet starts sneaking up behind Angelina with the stick. Angelina whirls around and the former BFFs are looking each other in the face. It’s a totally not intense stare-down because Velvet looks like she wants to cry (… perhaps from the fact she’s stuck with Lacey now?) and Angelina just looks pissed. The distraction from Velvet allows Madison to recover and take down Angelina from behind. Lacey finally gets to beat Angelina with the ugly stick and a three-on-one beat down ensues. Lacey and Madison lock the stick against Angelina’s throat and hold her up for Velvet. Velvet berates ex-bestie and bitch slaps her across the face. TBP bitch some more, then raise each other’s hands in mock victory, and finally our segment ends with Velvet shrieking at the camera not to mess with the Beautiful People.

Oh boy… where do I even start? The length of the match is scary. At first, I thought I was watching Raw or SmackDown. Since when do the Knockouts perform in three minute matches? I really, really, REALLY hope this is not the way the Knockouts division is going to be handled from now on but I have a feeling it is. It’s going to focus on the Beautiful People and the other girls are going to get lost in the shuffle. Hogan and Bischoff running things is a complete and total disaster. We’ve all been following the drama this week and it’s probably only going to get worse. I hate to sound so negative in my first Write-Up, but it’s been a tough week for Knockouts. Awesome Kong and Alissa Flash were huge assets to the division and now both of them could be gone.

I had wanted to see Alissa step up and challenge Tara, but that’s not gunna happen. One of the Beautiful People will probably get the challenger spot now, and I pray it’s not Lacey. If TNA has to go this route, then Angelina should get herself involved and perhaps it can lead to a three-way for the Knockouts Championship somewhere down the road. I’m not going to get into a huge, analytical discussion of the way storylines should go because to be honest, I’m still in shock from the short match. The Knockouts deserve better than what they got and I really hope they don’t end up getting treated like the Divas do in the WWE.

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  • Kaledrina

    i’m not going to get into the possible diminishing of the knockouts under the law of hogan – it’s too much fror me to handle right now – but taking what the knockouts were given this week, they did pretty well. i still find it weird seeing angelina going up against the beautiful people, especially her almost mini-me in madison. i don’t think velvet beating down on angelina was the right move, though. same with last week’s love beatdown on sky. i wanted them to build the tension between them as former bffs higher, make it more significant for when they do have that semi-predictable singles bout.

    i also would’ve liked some form of backstage promo from angelina with christy. a “welcome back” of sorts like roxxi got. it doesn’t make much sense having what was technically a crowd member jump the barricade one week, attacking tna’s talent, only to be hired the next week after. even if said person was the former bitch of tna.

  • amare136

    Great post Cryssi.

  • Kaledrina

    ps. great debut article

  • KrissyVaineLurver

    You have a knack for this and it was a pleasure reading your debut impact report. I agree firmly with the statements on Kong/Alissa as it really leaves not many left who can fill the challenger void since nobody else has been built up as a heel bar ODB and TBP and with ODB out it’s TBP (likely Lacey’s) time to challenge. But not to repeat what you’ve said, I’ll conclude by saying you did a fantastic job and you’ll definitely fit in with the team by the looks of it.

  • perucho1990

    I will have to remind you that the last time Angelina faced Madison it was a squash, and well this match was also a squash, before her release Angelina was still the top heel, while madison was and is still the jobber of the division.

    The beadown was actually good(despite Velvet fake punches), it reminded me the way the horsemen did the beatdown on Luger in WCW.

  • Adam Leighton

    Great debut!

  • perucho1990

    And why are people here thinking Lacey will get a title shot? TNA is waiting for Roxxi to come back(she will fit in the feud because Lacey attacked her), and Roxxi will squash her.

  • TNAFan80

    I’ll forgive TNA for the short match, because the storyline/beat down angle saved the segment. As a fan you could believe that Angelina Love was hurt that Velvet Sky replaced her so fast, and you can also believe that Angelina Love is looking for revenge. I thought all four (yes even Lacey Von Erich) did well in the segment and SOLD the entire storyline.

  • TaraFan19

    Great Post.
    Ok I know everyone is upset about Alissa leaving but she was never used so it isn’t much of a difference to be honest but before you all get angry I DO love Allisa & her work and i wish she would have been used better but I didn’t see it happening so maybe she will go somewhere where she is used better.

  • Implant DDT

    At 3:58 you can hear Angelina say reverse it to Madison!

    Good match but it doesnt feel like I was watching TNA…its not the same with the 4 sided ring…IMO the 6 sided one was much better and set WWE and TNA apart!

    Great review Cryssi!!!

  • Evan

    Yay Angelina rox

  • perucho1990

    By James Caldwell, Torch assistant editor

    Last night’s edition of TNA Impact following the Genesis PPV scored a 1.26 rating, which was the same as the January 14 episode. However, TV viewership was up to 1.9 million viewers compared to 1.8 million viewers the previous week.

    There were four distinct quarter-hour peaks during the show. Ric Flair and A.J. Styles’s opening segment drew a 1.32 quarter-hour rating. The first 15 minutes of the second hour drew a 1.31 quarter-hour rating featuring – yes, you guessed it – the Beautiful People on TV.

    I would say its mostly because of Angelina, she is now one of the top draws in the company.

  • crigginz

    Angelinas new theme and tron really fits her, i thought angelina as a face would be rubbish but shes just as good !!!!!!!!!!!

  • THETommyTommy

    I couldn’t help but smile gleefully as Angelina walked down that ramp. I wasn’t satisfied with this match at all and I’m hoping Angelina’s next much has some more depth to it, the after attack did kinda save it a bit but the 2 minute match that I think was almost shorter then their entrances really left a sour taste in everyones mouth. I think as long as their are Knockouts like Angelina and Tara, I will still have hopes in the Knockouts Division. I’m really hoping Kong sticks around, she is the face of the Knockouts.

  • kerry246

    Angelina is a saving grace for the Knockouts division especially now that Alissa Flash has left and Kong possibly might leave too. She should hopefully be quite dominant in the coming weeks on the show, I think that TBP and Angelina will be the main focus female-wise for TNA for the forseeable future.

  • Rhawk [Thee AJ Styling, Torrie loving, Diet Coke consuming maniac]

    Great first article Cryssi, nice to have you on the team. =) It’s a damn shame about Kong & Flash, and I hope they don’t become what the WWE divas are now. I mean the Knockouts Division is pratically the highest rated division in the whole TNA.

    However with Kong & Flash on their way out I expect Kong & Hamada to sadly lose the belts to Velvet & Madison, and I say sadly cause I like Kong-mada. =( But when the KO Title is concerned, either Angelina or (I wish) Daffney should get a shot next, both are totally deserving of them IMO. =)

  • Jamal

    Just too short for my tastes. At this point, Madison shouldn’t be so easily beaten and dismissed. But I did like the post-match beatdown and think this storyline has possibilities. So glad Angelina is back.

  • RKOyou

    Angelina is seriously not good at all, she’s still boring as ever. She didn’t even bother changing her look for her comeback, she still looks the same

    the KO division is dying slowly

  • darkmarvel

    First off welcome Crissy! Second, I agree. The match was too short even for TNA knockout standards. The after match brawl could have been better develop. But all in all, I love to see Angelina Love back.

  • Cryssi

    Thank you for the comments, guys. I really appreciate it. =)

  • amare136

    RKOYou STFU. Can you stop complaining? if you think Angelina is boring then wth is Madison? god just gtfo tbh.

  • xflygurlx16

    im confused! is angelina face? if so then why didnt she change her entrance? she still has the slutty heel bp entrance!?
    btw love madison rayne! i wish she would stop jobbin and kick some ass!!!

  • rosarocks

    cryssi wonderful job. i love tna but im not interesting in seeing the beautiful people every week. i want to see great matches with hamada, sarita, taylor, kong and tara. and alissa but.. :(

  • TrishMelinaFan

    That was a good debut article.There were a few errors here and there,sorry,I had to point that out!It’s one of my biggest pet peeves!Especially when I commit it.

    I love how Angelina stuck with her BP entrance and attitude,sort of like saying,”Anything you do I can do better”.I really wasn’t feeling her music,but like Tara’s,when it gets edited a bit I’m sure it’ll be better.

  • Erin

    I’m kind of disappointed that Angelina has nothing (in her entrance or look) that sets her apart from the Beautiful People. The least they could do is change her look a bit, just so she doesn’t still look like a member of the group.

    Great debut, Cryssi!! :)