Candice Michelle Says Injuries Due to Lack of Responsibility

Former WWE Diva, Candice Michelle who is currently pregnant with her first child, spoke to fansite recently and one of the topics she touched upon are her multiple injuries.

The ex-Diva says her injuries were due to her own lack of responsibility for her body:

The biggest frustration of my career has been my lack of responsibility to myself thus resulting in my injuries. Some things are unpredictable in the ring but after one broken collarbone and not a release note from the doctor to get back in the ring, but I did anyways because I was so excited to get back resulting in shattering it and surgery. Then I tried overdoing it on my return and not listening to my body resulting in the two torn ligaments. So to everyone who thinks I’m injury prone, that’s such phony baloney! It would be easy to say that but I’m a big girl and learned to take responsibility for my mistakes. “There’s no mistakes as long as you learn from them!” Needless to say I learned the hard way!

Candice was originally sidelined in October 2007 during a match with Beth Phoenix. After returning in time for WrestleMania 24, she aggravated her earlier injury further in her first match back in March 2008. Upon making her second return of the year in October, the former Women’s Champion disappeared from television in early 2009 with another injury before being released in May.

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  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    That’s why being a wrestler, good or bad, is a hard thing. The injuries your body suffers will definitely make a mark on the future.

  • Kaledrina

    i miss candice. granted she wasn’t the best (and was nowhere near it), but it came across as she totally respected wrestling and did have the passion for it – ya know she WANTED to learn, a bit like christy hemme, unlike some of the new crop.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Well I’ll always <3 Candice,and despite everyone's own feelings I think she had a great title reign and some awesome matches.She would've been the it girl right now had it not been for her injury!

  • B Fizzle

    I love Candice and its really unfortunate how her career ended but its good to know that she can seemingly reflect back on her time positively.

  • Erin

    Every Diva seems to get sidelined at some point (Melina and Maryse multiple times like Candice), but Candice really did suffer from unfortunate timing. She could have been pushed a lot further if she hadn’t been injured a few of those times, my opinion on her talent aside.

  • RKOyou

    poor candice, it all went downhill after her first collarbone injury. I really feel sad for her but maybe it was meant to be because of her preganency

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    Was there no one warning her that maybe she should slow it down, especially after the first injury? I mean she deserves agency in all this but still…

  • B Fizzle

    I’m sure she wanted to be back in time for WrestleMania, which as we now know was too soon. I guess she was just excited and wasn’t thinking long term.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I am a huge fan of her and I was very dissapointed every time she had a injury..But she come a long way and became someone..I think if she was never injured she would be at the same level as Melina or Mickie or at least as the Second face of the brand..She would have fit on Raw perfectly right at this moment and as a aid of Mickie on SD.

  • Mikas

    So she screwed up twice because of her own fault. Irresponsible behaviour like that not only destroys your own body, but you can also become a liability to your opponent. A good thing she is out of the wrestling business.

    Rey Mysterio is also doing stupid things, he should get surgery, but he doesnt want to miss out on the huge Wrestlemania bonus, so is delaying surgery. Or what about Mickie Knuckles? 1 week before signing with TNA she does an indy show (IWA-MS) in front of 50 people and decides to jump from a balcony just to outstage another wrestler, breaking her leg and ruining her career.

    Some people claim these wrestlers have “heart” for the wrestling business and that they are only doing it to entertain us, but in reality they are just idiots.

  • .MCH

    I wouldn’t say the end of her career came from the first collarbone injury. She eventually got back on track when she returned last year but unfortunately by that time, they already gave up on her. Sad part is, had she not gotten that third injury, she would’ve been put back in the division and a title contender again. It’s not even so much the third injury, it’s the length that she was gone that ruined her. They had plans of bringing her back and even put her on SD, where she was supposed to see a fresh start.

    People can say what they want about Candice but she really did enjoy being apart of the business. Unfortunately she let the criticism get the best of her and pushed herself too far to prove something to people and it cost her. But after three injuries in a row, most people wouldn’t consider returning, but every time she did.

    It’s so different now. I remember watching old clips from her push in 07 a couple weeks ago and you could just see in her matches that she wanted to be known as a wrestler. Now you watch matches with girls in the same position and it’s hard to get the feeling. Eve and Kelly show that they want it but it’s hard to convey that feeling with them and they need to go an extra step.

    Anyways, lmao.

  • .MCH

    @Mikas, an idiot? She took risks. She wasn’t trying to be the generic wrestler that Maria and other girls in her bot were learning to be. Sometimes you have to take risks to get noticed. Unfortunately they don’t always work but her match with Beth where she took the risk and got injured was one of the best divas segments since Trish/Lita took the main event. Had it been 04 or whatever they probably would have gotten the main event.

  • sugarrush28

    I love Candice Michelle and miss her everyday in the ring. I know alot of people don’t think she was a good a wrestler but for me o thought she was very good. She was willing to learn and put in the work so i grew to love her. I thought Candice and Beth Phoenix couldv’ve been the Trish/Lita of this generation if Candice didn’t get hurt. I thought she put on great matches with her and they had real good chemistry. I miss her and I wish that one day she returns to the ring. also she is one of the best women to come out of the DS. All my opinion of course.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    I don’t think wrestlers are idiots for ignoring some injuries. They do it for the people, to not disappoint their fans.

    If they should take care of themselves? Yes they should. However, no one can deny that those people try hard and truly love wrestling. They’re not using it as a chance to get to other career. They actually care about our opinions and about the business. And even though I don’t think Candice has a great wrestler, she did her best to improve, instead of remaining as just another eye candy and forgettable woman.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    I was so sad to see Candice go. Candice may not have been the best in the ring but i thought she was learning….I was waiting for her to return 2 Smackdown and possibly fued with Melina. But I guess things took another turn…unfortuantely she left. But i hope after she has her baby and settles down and all that hoopla she will return 2 the ring. I would love for her to return to the wwe as a heel….so candice i will b waiting hopefully

  • ReyStyle94

    I always liked Candice, she had great matches with Melina & Beth Phoenix. Just watch her last match on RAW with Beth, she pulled out so many new moves in that contest that you could see she didn’t want to become stagnant, moveset-wise unlike Kelly who does the same 3 moves each match. I do want her to come back as I was excited to see her drafted to SmackDown where she could get a fresh start, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, so have the baby, and then come back to SD!

  • theregoeskitty

    i really do respect her for the spirit she showed for the ring and enthusiasm for the title, it’s a shame her injury’s happened because she was quite good before them, after wards she seemed kinda hesitant in the ring

  • Lady Sheamus

    She looks awesome in that pic. I LOVE that dress!

    @Mikas – While I would have said it differently, I can understand your point to some degree. I wouldn’t call them idiots, but to take such a risk (as in the example you gave) can be less than smart. You have to pace yourself in order to make sure you can stay in the game a long time, and of course to put off taking care of an injury can just make it worse. I think now, though, “fans” who’ve become addicted to high spots and such get greedy. I love high spots and thumbtacks as much as the next extreme fan, but at the same time I recognize a wrestler can void their warranty if they’re not careful. I think it’s great that Candice is able to share her thought and hopefully it will help someone.

    I agree that you can tell which Divas or Superstars care about really being a wrestler and which ones just want the exposure/experience. The former I respect; the latter I don’t have patience for.

  • I <3 Maryse

    I was a big fan of Candice and I was upset to see her leave. While the first injury didn’t ruin her career, it sort of started everything. Had she not got injured the first time then the second one and surgery most likely wouldn’t have happened. I can’t say the ankle or whatever it was wouldn’t have happened but yeah. You could tell that she really respected and love the business/entertaining the fans. Hopefully after she has her baby and everything is settled she can get back in the ring and have a fresh new start :D

  • The Crying Light

    MIKAS: Well, I’m not a fan of the three you mentioned. However, I don’t think the instances you cited are enough to justify your conclusion. Surprisingly, your comment as a whole fills that void albeit having a different… um… perspective. ;)

  • xmelissaa

    I feel like if Candice hadn’t had those injuries, she’d still be one of the top divas in the company today. She seemed to want to learn, and had a passion for it, and I thought she was great – heel or face.