Beth Phoenix to Star in WWE’s Santino Marella Sitcom

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix will co-star in a sitcom [yes, you read right] starring Santino Marella.

The sitcom, entitled ‘The Santino Marella Sitcom’ will be WWE’s first foray into this type of scripted television.

Beth will play Santino’s girlfriend on the show, reigniting the Glamarella couple that dominated Raw in 2008 and early 2009.

For more details click here.

In the little that we’ve seen of Beth outside of her stoic Glamazon character, you can tell that she does have good comedic chops as seen here and her Twitter page is also great fun, so she should be great in this bizarre role.

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  • captaincharisma

    Wait…WHAT? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Beth has bigger and better things to worry about instead of learning lines and canned laughter.

    Or so I thought.

    Just when I thought WWE was getting some common sense back…

  • PenginPenginELPS

    If you’ve seen her work in Shimmer, she is definitely a great comedic actress

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Well, this is an sitcom apparently not related to the shows, so I don’t see what’s the problem.

    Besides, I always liked them as an TV couple. They were funny and they were different from the other kayfabe relations. Beth didn’t served as an eye candy. Actually Beth has the dominant won in this.

    Anyways, I like Santino. He has one of the most funny gimmicks in the WWE, and even though I hated the Santina Marella thing, it would be funny to see Beth kick Santina’s ass xD

  • Mikas

    captaincharisma wrote:
    “Wait…WHAT? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Beth has bigger and better things to worry about instead of learning lines and canned laughter.”

    Why? She can do this next to her work for WWE. And this is a great opportunity to increase her popularity among fans, who often rather worship celebs instead of appreciating wrestling skills. And her promo skills will eventually also improve if she gets used to “acting” on a sitcom. And it’s probably a lot of FUN for her to do, so i’m happy for her.

  • Cryssi

    I love Beth. I’ll take any chance to see more of her especially in different roles. :)

  • redsoul

    being the Glamarella thing contributed for the decline of her character,i don´t see anything positive about that….

  • Mr.Glamazon

    Very cool!!! Anything that leads to more Beth Phoenix on television is a good thing!!! :-)

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Btw, the website totally misspelled the name Marella. xD

  • TrishMelinaFan


  • theregoeskitty

    erm…. is right
    cant see it doing well, and i wont be watching because i find santino really irritating

  • Lady Sheamus

    @Mikas – Agreed.

    Whether she is great or not I’d love to check it out. Guess they have some kind of confidence in Santino if they’re giving him a show. He’s so cute and I think he’s funny too.

  • Mr.Glamazon

    The point about it being fun for her is a good one…God forbid we actually do things we enjoy. Maybe it sounds goofy but if they have fun doing the show, so be it!

  • The_Eric

    i don’t like it when any of the superstars act in a wwe production…i really don’t like hearing that beth will be doing a sitcom…isn’t her gimmick how she is a dominant wrestler and obsessed with being a champion? i feel like they’re asking me to boo her on friday nights and laugh at her on tuesday (or whenever it airs)…the tv show would only work if she was a total face…melina would be a better fit for a sitcom…she’s billed as being from hollywood and always has the paparazzi around…

  • Lady Sheamus

    I think about the fact “the Glamazon” is ALSO a character she plays, so she can play more than one type of character. If Santino is a wrestler in the sitcom but he does not follow any present WWE in-ring storylines then it doesn’t matter what Beth does on the show. Man, if it was done right, Santino and Beth could be gold on a sitcom about such an odd couple. I’m not in love with the name, but it’s all a work in progress. Maybe it’ll be good, who knows? :)

  • Robert

    First off I am glad that Beth is being given a chance at more television time.After all
    that’s what it’s about.Getting on “camera”.And if it helps Beth get over more with
    the wrestling fan’s that’ greart too.I don’t think they would hand this out to 2
    mid-carders if they didn’t think they could do it.Beth has proven on her twitter site that
    she is more then capable of being funny in her own right.This will be good for Beth
    developing more of the Beth “the Glamazon”Phoenix character. On SmackDown the Diva’s are what maybe given 10 minutes if they’re lucky.,Heck Beth is gonna have
    whole half hour with Santino and Vladimir do really get some camera and mic time.
    I am just totaly for it.And we do need some comedy on television.Just think of what it
    could do for Beth’s over-all television skills and she can have fun doing some-thing
    for a change beside’s just standing they’re while Santino has all the lines.Yes this is
    Beth Phoenix ‘s chance to really break out of the standard Diva mold and show what
    a great and talented Diva she is and really make a Name for her self among al the
    other great Diva’s on WWE. Very happy for Beth.Looking for ward to the first segement .Just the fact that she’ll have more on camera time is exciting .

  • glowstickz

    Haha Can’t Wait 2 See This >;)