D3 Friday: Last D3 For Now Featuring Impact on Mondays, Bonus Mailbag

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On D3 Friday this week: It’s the last D3 before we go on a two week break! We discuss TNA moving to Monday nights, Kong’s supposed TNA status, Michelle McCool’s championship feat and answer your questions in a bonus D3 Mailbag.

Fun Fact: Since D3 began one month ago, we have recorded 17 episodes totalling more than 8 hours and 19 minutes!

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  • http://faithbreaker.webs.com Vakho

    aww u didnt answer my questions :'( bad but anyways give u on the next week

  • RKOyou

    nice episode, you guys should really argue more it’s very entertaining and funny lol


  • https://twitter.com/anniluci Ana_Nattie_rules

    TNA might end up like WCW if they continue like this. I think is kinda arrogant of them to try to compete so directly with WWE. Even though the WWE isn’t what it used to be, they have so much history and more loyalty from the fans.

    But I’m also worried, like you girls, with the Knockouts. Since the Hogan era, the girls TV time is now way less, and then they use them in 3 minute matches. The worst is that they use some of the less competent girls (aka TBP). Anyways, I’ll stick to SD.

    Kong will do whats best for her.

    And about the Michelle thing…erm…you saw that in wikipedia right? Anyone with an account can edit that. There are the Trish, Chyna, Alundra title reigns, so its possibly wrong information.

    About the Bras and Panties, and matches like that I think that most of the girls wouldn’t want that back. Its kinda degrading…or if they wan’t to use that, make the guys wrestle in their underwear to xD

    About Playboy…Kelly Kelly. I mean, extreme exposé was way more trashy. So Playboy is kinda a evolution. At least is more classy xD

    Erin expressed exactly what I think of Maria’s new album xD. I guess no one is expecting a big deal. I also agreed with Melanie’s choices for “replacements” to Mickie and Maria. Gail Kim totally needs to stand out and Melina will need a cool return when she comes back.

  • Voldemaart

    My all time dream feud would be: Gail Kim vs. Beth Phoenix

    I’m sure they could show us brilliant matches.

  • MickieFan226

    Good episode as always. If I was Kong, I wouldn’t show up to the Impact tapings until they released me. Nobody should be forced to go to work if they don’t want to.

    Anyway good luck Melanie. Hope you have a great time!
    Can’t wait to see D3 back in two weeks! :)

  • Zephyr5326

    My question was missed but nvm, hopefully my one for Krissy will be used. :)

    And in terms of Glee, I’m with Erin. The program is rubbish! And I agree with RKOyou, argue more lol, it’s pretty funny. But don’t argue so much that one of you would leave or something haha

  • TrishMelinaFan

    *WARNING:Rant Ahead*


    Erin,really?Really?Ok,no,that is not humanly possible.

    How do you not love Glee?Not loving Glee is in-humane.It was injected into our brains when we were children that we must lurve Glee.But of course,there always has to be rebels.WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST LOVE THINGS LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO??!Love your parents,love your siblings,love Melina dammit,love everything that is supposed to be looooooooooooved!

    *Rant Over*

  • TrishMelinaFan

    lol,loved this D3.Especially the little surprise at the end. :)

    Lol,you guys really should argue more instead of agreeing all the time,I mean,ughh,you can’t always agree on everything,can you?

    And Erin,Glee pwns.

    And Melanie,Mercedes is awesome,so yay.Plus she’s underused,so boo.

    And everyone,the fiercest woman ever ain’t Kong,it has to be Melina.Why?MNM annyone?Yeah,nuff’ said.

  • theregoeskitty

    Maryse has already been in playboy numerous times, i think they found her via playboy and invited her to the divas search ….or at least that’s how she made it sound (she mentioned it was in an interview with maryse and big show)

    go Melanie! i love Glee I’ll admit at times it is freaking cheesy… but i freakin love it
    you two arguing over it was funny

  • TrishMelinaFan

    I think I’ll ask another Glee wuestion next week…….hmmm.

    It sure made for some fun commentary.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    OMG,I forgots.No more D3 for the next 2 weeks.lol I’m so late.