TNA Runs Out of Furniture; Salinas Improvises

I felt it was time to inject some TNA into our “Eye Candy” posts, so when I was directed towards this new Salinas photoshoot, (which I’ve dubbed “LAX Lady” as TNA doesn’t name their shoots) I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get more Knockout coverage on Diva Dirt. (along with have posted several new photos of Salinas sporting an “LAX” t-shirt and lounging around in what appears to be a grimy loading dock at Universal Studios (where they tape IMPACT). Clearly, TNA is about on-par with the WWE’s crappy standards in photoshoot locations. Okay, so maybe that’s a little harsh, but I fear for Salinas’s health when she’s laying on dirty tires in a pair of panties – it just looks unsanitary. Safety first, TNA!

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  • Melanie

    That ass shot is pure class. Bravo.

    Methinks she’s too heavily made up Joker-style to even be taken seriously, so I shall refrain from commenting any further =P

  • Rebecca

    The word “hooker” always comes to mind when i think of her.

  • marco

    why the fuck is she posing with tires???

  • Luis

    AWESOME =]]

  • Malfunkshun

    I used to like Shelly because she came off as being a demure, classic beauty. However, when she first got those implants, her appeal dwindled. She’s always worn next to nothing in her pictures, but the poses she does now and the way she carries herself now are just off-putting. Now every photo of her is seemingly obscene, and this shoot is just over the top. The ass shots and the 3rd to last photo sort of make me sick. This is not the Shelly I once knew and loved.

  • CC

    She’s becoming wayyy too trashy. Angelina and Velvet need to brown bag her. xD

  • Michelle

    Why is she even wearing clothes? Seriously, this should just be another of her cheap pornos.

  • MH

    She doesn’t look very good here. Too much make-up. She lost too much weight and her boob job is too big and round looking.

  • Alana. G

    Those eyebrows are not working for me, oh no MAM! lol other then that Salinas or Shelly is just sexual in general she kinda seems like she has an ” I could give a F*@K attitude” about things after all she is Pro- WEED! lol she’s cool though

  • Candice Fan

    OMG,WTF…!?This is horrible!Make up,her style,posses…everything’s just miss.

  • Crystal

    Wow! I can’t believe this photoshoot. and what is she wearing?

  • Aza

    She looks really ugly in these =/

  • Torrie

    This girl has some serious problem.