Beth Phoenix Comments on Rumble, Blasts Chyna

If you ever needed proof that WWE still hasn’t gotten over the departure of Chyna some 10 years later — this is it! As only the second woman to enter the Royal Rumble match, Beth Phoenix paid an homage of sorts to her predecessor after her own Rumble appearance. She told

“Tonight was my night to step up and step out of the Divas division into a league of my own,” Beth said. “With every single obstacle that’s been put in front of me, I’ve not only reached my goals,” Beth boasted, “but I’ve far surpassed what everyone has ever expected from me.”

“Despite Chyna’s accomplishments [in the Rumble],” Beth said, “I eliminated The Great Khali. Seven-foot-three, 420 pounds. No small feat.”

“I am WWE’s Glamazon. Chyna was WWE’s Ninth Wonder of the World … mostly called so because people wondered whether she was a man or a woman. I often wonder this, myself.”

“Chyna would have had a slight size advantage in her prime, but I’ll tell you what Chyna was missing and that was heart.”

“In the ring, toe-to-toe with me, Chyna doesn’t compare.”

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Hmm, is anyone else getting a ‘work’ vibe? WWE rarely acknowledges past performers in such a manner unless of course, they are plotting some sort of comeback like Bret Hart. WrestleMania is just around the corner… could it be? Chyna, like Bret, has bad blood with WWE but the impossible eventually happened. Will Chyna follow suit

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  • Lady Sheamus

    My same thoughts (about Bret) and what I said in the other post.

  • grimmalicious

    Chyna has nothing on Beth Phoenix. Come back or not.

  • WWEDiVA1


  • Resi

    I completely agree with Beth’s words here. Chyna was more of a gimmick than a wrestler. Beth Phoenix isnt only a great athlete, but a true professional, something the WWE is lacking in the women’s division. I can honestly say i enjoy watching a Beth Phoenix match over a fair amount of the men in WWE. A true professional…an entertainer.

  • Evan

    I hope they’re working on a Chyna vs Beth feud. People say Chyna would never want to return but she’s said in an interview (I forget which..) that she wouldn’t mind returning for a night or two she just wouldn’t want to go back into wrestling full time.

    But anyways, off topic(ish) but I just seen the part where Beth enters the RR and it was the best thing ever. :D She got a huge reaction, too bad CM Punk ruined it. I just hope this doesn’t lead to a Beth / Khali angle..

  • Lady Sheamus

    I will say this, if it did come down to Beth and Chyna I would really hope it would mean a step towards more Diva exposure/pushes.

    If there was ever a lack of “heart” to me it was when she was in women’s matches and the Women’s Champion, but that in part was due to the backstage stuff; also, due to the fact that she wanted to be Intercontinental Champion. At the same time, what’s the point in saying all this unless it’s a work. Beth is in my top 3 favorite Divas, but given this PG-era and all that entails, she hasn’t been allowed to do the stuff that was allowed when Chyna was around, thus something about this doesn’t work for me. Skill is one thing, but Chyna is a two time Intercontinental Champion (co-Champion the 2nd time) and the 1st female to participate in the Royal Rumble; she was also Women’s Champion and in D-X’s stable. Beth is a former Women’s Champion and her stable was Glamarella. I’m more impressed by the former rather than the latter, but then WWE decides the booking. WWE has allowed Beth to be a pale shadow of what I’m sure she could be, so to me they’re not comparable. I think Chyna’s had to deal with people saying she looks like a man for a long time and that’s something hurtful for a woman to have said about her.

    Her personal issues aside, I admire her because of her power and the fact she had even more opportunities than Divas are ever allowed now. Whenever a woman has intergender matches and/or takes the fight to a man in a strong way (which she did on a regular basis – she WAS HHH’s bodyguard at first) or wins a title commonly only held by men, it’s a big deal to me. Chyna was freakin’ awesome to her fans and a huge star in the way that Beth is not (nor will ever be, if WWE continues in the present way in regards to Divas) YET, and that’s not to say that Beth can’t become a huge star. But if it came down to a match, I’d be pulling for mamacita!

  • Mikas

    If those comments are from then Beth probably didnt write them herself, wrestlers rarely write those parts, thats just the guy who maintain the site.

    But i dont see Chyna come back, at least not as a wrestler. She has really hit rockbottom past few years, and unless she has worked out in the gym past year she is going to look like a joke and will instantly ruin what reputation she has left. As a guest host it would make sense to have her come back, but Beth is on Smackdown, so that eliminates that option.

  • JakeProMVZ

    it would be awesome to see beth vs chyna, but i just never see it happening, and i seriously think chyna doesnt have it anymore, even though she was one of my fave divas of all time, but she has been away from the buisness too long, and if she did return it would probally ruin a big part of her career, coz she has gottan lower and lower over the past few years, but has started to get her reputaion back, but it will be all ruined if she returns and humiliates her self, espcially if it is at wrestlemania, but it would be awesome to see her, on our tv screens after all these years sx D

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    I love Beth, but Chyna is Chyna. She might only be strength and steroids but she did way more than Beth. Sorry, but its the true.

    She was a THREE time Intercontinental Champion, a “mens” title.
    She only had One women’s championship, but thats normal, since she usually feuded with men.
    She was number 106 at PWi’s top 500 in 2000. The only other girl (that I remember) that was there, was Jacqueline.
    She was a part of two of the most historic stables in WWE history: DX and The Corporation.
    She was the first woman to enter the Rumble.
    She faced the likes of Triple H, X pac, the Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle.

    Beth might be a more complete and healthy athlete, but you can’t deny history. To bad her issues with Stephanie ended her career, because she was great and she will always be a mark in women’s wrestling.

    I honestly doubt she’ll be back and if she does is a way bad decision. She doesn’t wrestle for a while and she would probably ruin her reputation.

  • Kerry

    There shouldn’t even been comparisons between Beth and Chyna, they are two different women from different eras of WWE and the only reason Chyna is being mentioned is because of WWE involving her name in the whole thing. It is obvious that what Beth said is kayfabe and through WWE’s mouth, not her own.

    Chyna accomplished a lot in WWE because she was there for a long time, Beth is only just beginning her career there. Who knows what the future holds for her? I won’t compare the two women because in Chyna’s day in WWE, she was seen as a seperate entity to their Divas and was wrestling in the mens division. But Beth is part of the womens division and it is a different ball-game nowadays for women in WWE.

    I just think it is something to be celebrated that another woman got to be in the Royal Rumble! Let’s hope there is more female domination to come.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Kerry: actually Chyna was in WWF/E for 1997 to 2001, aka 4 years. Beth entered WWE in 2006, so she’s there for almost 4 years also. Not to mention that Beth started training BEFORE 1999, in High School. So its possibly that Beth as been wrestling for more time than what people think, especially since Chyna retire in 2004.

  • amare136

    Naw Chyna won’t do that. She has other problems to step into the ring again.
    And Chyna was amazing tbh. She didn’t do just power moves she also did huricanranas and such things. Sure its nothing special but when you look at women like chyna you would never think she could do that. She has all my respect.

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    As much as I do like her (and I do), Chyna wasn’t all that exciting to watch in the ring though, I’m not sure this’ll be a very good contest. It’s interesting sure to think about, but dream matches seem better on paper.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    I dobut this I mean unless she is bak to how she orginally looks , all musclar and big and what not. Ive seen chyna over the years and she was really hit rockbottom. I think this was wwe portraying Beth’s character nothing to get ur hopes up about

  • Lady Sheamus

    I always loved when she’d military press men way over her head and drop them. :P

  • scarlet spider

    As others have said, Chyna was a gimmick. Everything she achieved was just born out of her look and had little to do with the minimal ring ability she possessed. The tragedy is, if Chyna hadn’t already been given those opportunities, and in a less PG WWE than we have today, Beth could have done everything Chyna did in a much more ‘legitimate’ way.

    Beth in the men’s division wouldn’t seem ‘gimmicky’ (at least, if it hadn’t been done before), because she’s got both the power AND the ability to believably pull it off. Just as the likes of Melissa and Nikki (AKA Del Rey) did back in their APW days – it was rarely an issue that they were competing against men, and winning on occassion. It was simply about good wrestlers putting on good matches.

    Which is why I have no desire at all to see Chyna back.

  • RKOyou

    Sorry but Beth will NEVER be as good as Chyna. Chyna was competing in the mens division, she won the IC title like 3 times, what has Beth done besides having 2 boring womens title reigns???? NOTHING

    For me, Beth is nothing but a comedy act. I havn’t been able to take her seriously since her storyline with santino and last night at the rumble, she runs down to the ring like she’s in a marathon and kisses the great khali…. there was nothing serious about her entry.

    When Chyna was in the rumble, she was all SERIOUS, she elimination people left and right and she lasted way long than beth

  • scarlet spider

    Because. thats. how. the. wwe. booked. it.

  • Edazon

    I think people are really discounting Chyna’s ability. I think she managed to have some good matches! I don’t really think she was that much of a gimmick either. If you go back to her match with Triple H to be the number on contender Triple H man handled her because sure, she was 5’9 and 170 lbs (though they said she was well over 200 and 6′) But the fact of the matter is that Chyna would have still been a cruiser weight! And, a light one at that! Even still, Chyna still had a capable showing of power (lifting men over her head that were probably close to 100lbs heavier than she was.)

    I think anyway we cut this Chyna is much stronger than Beth, who has trouble lifting Michelle McCool. I think Victoria in her prime was stronger than Beth, and it frustrates me that she is left out too.

  • Lady Sheamus

    I agree, Edazon; I was just watching some Chyna matches tonight, actually. The kinds of matches she had and the aggression/power she had when going against males (and females) was something that was different. For her time she was very unique in the biz (at least in the U.S.) and there has not been another like her in WWE since nor do I anticipate it at this point. I’ve never felt Chyna was a gimmick; her size and strength were her before she ever started wrestling (through body-building); she was already built/equipped to handle men so I guess that means her gimmick was being herself.

    I had forgotten how strong Victoria was; that’s true. :)

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I completely agree with Edazon :)

    Chyna is great – much love and respect for her. Personally i’d much rather see her come back & show Beth what shes made of than see a match with Maria :) (Apparently thats in the works?!)
    Also i do agree that Victoria in her prime was stronger than Beth :)

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Whatever.This is so obviously a work.Beth vs Chyna?Yeah right.I doubt it will actually go down,but WWE is always very unpredictable,so you never know…I mean,look at last years Diva Trade(s)!They were random and unexpected.

    As for who is better.Overall I’d say Beth is better,but she hasn’t accmplished near what she should have by now thanks to the ‘women’s wrestling rut’ as I like to call it.Even though I think Beth is better,I’d be rooting for Chyna all the way.And I would love to see the lights black out ne more time,and hear the words,”Don’t treat me like a woman,don’t treat me like a man,don’t treat me like you know me,just treat me for who and what I am”.


  • Zephyr5326

    I don’t think this will lead to anything, yet the 9th Wonder of The World vs The Glamazon would be awesome to see. :)

  • Robert

    Well I was totally awed by Beth’s performance in the Royal Rumble last night.First off I was around and watched Chyna in action years ago and I don’t believe that Chyna had the same kind of talent that Beth has.Beth is more versatlle in the ring and on camera back stage doing pretaped segement’s.Yes Chyna was strong in the ring but I don’t think she did as good a show as Beth does.Beth is very entertaining all the way around..
    Now as for Beth last night I was very impressed with her work in the ring last night.I
    think that she more then proved she is the most Dominate Diva in the WWE .And the
    other Diva’s are gonna know that Beth is gonna have to be delt with.Beth is most
    Deservedly of a Women’s championship.

  • mr_socko

    this made me laugh. chyna in her prime would’ve made MINCE MEAT out of beth. everyone knows that. and i don’t think beth would’ve had the guts to say any of that stuff if chyna was still active.

    it’s sad that the wwe, beth and others are trying to smear chyna’s legacy, just because she’s had personal difficulties in recent years and because she didn’t leave on good terms. Beth just comes across as a bit sad and lame if you ask me, and she’ll never ever achieve some of what chyna achieved because although she’s very talented, she doesn’t have a warm enough personality that the fans will ever truly be able to take to.