Raw Predictions: Gail Kim vs Maryse for the Divas Championship

The Divas Championship tournament comes to an end tonight when Gail Kim and Maryse battle it out for the gold silver in the finals. Who will be the new Divas Champion? Will Gail Kim make history and complete the trifecta of singles gold in WWE and TNA? Will Maryse make history by becoming the first multi-time Divas Champ? The Diva Dirt writers weigh in with their predictions:

Cryssi: Are predictions really needed for this? It’s been set in stone since Maryse needed surgery that when she returned her precious butterfly belt will be waiting on her. We already know she was supposed to go over Melina. We already know this tournament is just a pointless way of giving her the title back without it being to obvious. She’s the only Diva on Raw who gets mic time. She has random little bits and pieces with the Miz (who for some reason the WWE thinks is better than John Morrison). Maryse is the WWE’s ‘it’ girl and there is nothing any of us can do about it. That said… I’m picking Gail Kim to win the Diva’s Championship. Why the hell not?

Erin: I feel like it’s been obvious from the start that this has been Maryse’s tournament to lose. Meaning, it’s been all about her from the get-go (if placing her in the forefront of the tournament by putting her on commentary and giving her mic time when no other Divas receives the same didn’t make it obvious) and the only twist the tournament could have had is if someone shockingly managed to defeat her. I didn’t see that happening, and it didn’t. Pitting her against Gail was another obvious move, but it’s not because I feel that the WWE is jonesing to put the Divas Championship on Gail–it’s because she was the default top babyface in Melina’s stead and thus is the one destined to be the last one to fall to Maryse. Still, maybe she can have a title feud with Maryse as a consolation prize. But the point is that tonight, Maryse will win the Divas Championship. It was destined to happen back before Melina got injured, and Maryse’s victory tonight will fulfill that destiny.

Melanie: First let me just say, Cryssi I love your style haha! Anyway, WWE has made no effort in masking the chances of both of these Divas. Let us compare: Gail’s qualifying match was on WWE Superstars, Maryse is guaranteed a spot on Raw every week. After Gail and Maryse had advanced and there were just two spots to be filled, Gail was nowhere to be seen during the Alicia-Kelly match but Maryse was ever-so prominent in the Eve-Katie match. Last week in the semis, Maryse got a better spot with more time and got to cut a promo before her match. Gail didn’t get an entrance and her victory celebration was cut short for a segment between Alicia Fox and Dule Hill. We know WWE always has their favourites so it’s not Maryse’s fault, but if you’re going to have a tournament at least freakin’ try and mask that the girls all have equal opportunity. There’s nothing to suggest Gail will win tonight. Maryse is the hot act right now and she has it in the bag.

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  • http://twitter.com/kerryd14 kerry14544

    u see i love the new girl already but yea she is right but wwe needs to surprise us more espically when it come to these divas they have all came up together as a division 2 improve their wrestling they need to be used more better then they way they r being treated

  • LovelyLovie1

    Maryse b.c she is the “money maker” as far as Divas go on RAW, Vince loves her, and she gets the majority of air time for the divas. I have hopes that tonight’s match will NOT be as bad as everyone thinks.

  • Jamal

    Would love to see Gail win but I’m a realist. It’s gonna be Maryse, especially since we have a face female now as the champion on Smackdown. Whatever. I’m already prepared for the 3 minute botchfests under a Maryse reign. lol

  • theregoeskitty

    wow photo shop, what did they do to Gails face it looks different
    hope she wins, a maryse title rein would be like 7 years of darkness, with her lack of doing anything in the ring

  • Dameon333

    You know something, WWE has pushed Maryse since she’s returned. She’s been unstoppable from the Gobbledy Gooker to the reminiscense of that Jackie Gayda match to the shoedown with Dule Hill. She eventually was going to win the title from Melina, but, WWE may be messing with our heads. They want us to suspect that Maryse is going to win the title but then out of nowhere, Gail pops up being the one holding the gold up high above her head. But then again, they need one face champion and one heel champion. So it’s kind of 50-50 and you dont really expect what to think !

  • jamboslilangel

    If roumours are true then Maryse is gonna win the title, but i would love to see Gail win the Divas Championship, not only will this make her the number 1 babyface on raw ( which she desevers by the way) but it means she will be the ONLY female wrestler to have won the WWE Women’s title , WWE Diva’s title and the TNA Knockout title.


  • Dameon333

    Sorry, I meant to say showdown in the Dule Hill part !

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Man I love Cryssi…


    I’m not a realist,I’m a freak.So I’m going with Gail to win tonight just for the “shock factor” WWE has been known to play out so well.

  • randallsnow19

    gooooooooooooooooooo Maryse….Hopefully it’ll be a decent match similar to their Smackdown matches!

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    Why does everyone keep callling that match Jackie Gayda esque? It was not, at all. There was one noticeable botch (by a Bella) and Maryse covered it very well. And to Cryssi, The Miz is a lot better than Morrison on the mic and that’s what seems to be what the officials want these days. That being said, go Maryse! I love Gail but she isn’t over enough to carry a title yet, the WWE needs to push her first.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    jamboslilangel-Leave*sob*Trish*sob*ALOOOOONE*pissed off sob*

  • RKOyou

    I think the only reason they picked Gail to be in the finals was because they wanted a REAL wrestler to fall to Maryse which would make her look good

    This is how I see it, Gail dominates the entire match doing her high flying moves, then Maryse puts one leg out tripping Gail, nailing her DDT for the win

    Gails first win was on WWE superstars(the D show),then she got no entrance for her match against Alicia, and then after she beat Alicia she gets 5 second to celebrate until they go to the next segment

    Marsye on the other hand has had the spotlight all over her every week. i would LOVE FOR GAIL TO TAKE THAT DIVAS TITLES but theres no signs of it happening

  • RKOyou

    lol why would Trish care if Gail won all 3 of the titles, Trish has never even had any contact with the divas or knockouts titles

  • Zephyr5326

    If there is justice to Womens Wrestling, Gail should be given the championship. Yet Maryse (as much as she is one of my favourites and totally gorgeous), she’s been nothing but bland in the ring since her return. Yeah yeah, I know it’s booking, but Gail is more exciting still because WWE book stuff they know she can do like crossbodys etc. I’m cheering for Gail and I hope WWE will shock us, yet it’s most likely going to be MARYSE who will transform from the cacoon that doesn’t really do anything into the butterfly. Sorry for that lmao!


    Maryse gets a bigger reaction from the crowd then all the babyface divas do. Enough said.

  • Luis

    Dameon333 has a very good point but i doubt WWE is that smart haha
    but i am totally for Gail Kim winning the title and have Maryse be the #1 contender and take it from her down the road idk but than again all signs point to Maryse being the champ.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    iLUVMARYSE-No she doesn’t,Mickie does.(Example:Last night -.-)

  • TrishMelinaFan

    And bookers don’t book the ENTIRE match,they jsut set up SOME things they want in the match,i.e Maryse not wrestling a lot.

  • jamboslilangel

    TrishMelinafan – Look am not picking on trish in anyway, i think she is a great wrestler (though Lita will allways be my number 1) , but am just stating the Fact that if Gail wins(which she problery wont) she will be the only female wrestler to hold all three Singles titles in TNA and WWE. That more of a historic moment than trish’s 7 time record of only holding 1 title!

  • bonepile

    and WWE is not about to allow Gail (quite yet) to be that three belt winner. WWE does not want all the resultant publicity and the name TNA to be in every single Gail Kim winner writeup … therefore when Gail does win the Diva Belt, and yes she will win it before the end of her current WWE contract … Gail will win it at a PPV so it can be taken away from her the very next night on Raw cutting down the PR time, and the on line recognition time as well. So tonight is NOT the night for Gail Kim to win anything.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    If wwe was smart and actually cared for women’s wrestling, they would give the title to Gail, cause lets be honest here, Maryse is horrible in the ring. But sadly, wwe isn’t smart so they’ll give it to French Maid Barbie.

    I think the only reason Gail got to the finals was just so she could carry Maryse through to match and make Maryse look credible. this is how I see it going; Gail will totally dominate in this match, then Maryse will get one move in and then win.

  • matty

    Firstly, Cryssi, Miz > Morrison ;D

    Secondly, Maryse is WWE’s favourite girl, no doubt about it, it could have been masked in a better way but sadly it didn’t. Gail may pull out a shocker, but Maryse will be the champion soon after. To be honest, they brought in the Diva’s title as the second tier title, it’s no where near the Women’s title in terms of prestige (that being damaged slightly by Candice’s reign).

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Cyrissi I freaking love u lmao I like ur style….I know Mayrse is gonna win but who cares Gail Kim for the freaking win

  • RKOyou

    WWE doesn’t even care if Gail becomes the first woman to hold all 3 titles, it matters to us because we’re women wrestling fans but to WWE, she’ll only be the 4th woman to hold both the womens and divas titles and I don’t think WWE wants as there 4th woman, maybe there 5th or 6 th woman

    if WWE wanted Gail away from the divas title, then she wouldn’t have been placed on smackdown where the orginally divas title was and then traded to Raw where the divas title was taken too.

    I don’t even think WWE has put the pieces together that gail would be the 1st woman to have won all 3 titles, thats just us because anaylze stuff like that

  • Jamal

    Where are these huge crowd reactions for Maryse that I keep hearing about? Because, when I watch, she’s either getting catcalls or the same silence that the other divas do. The only people that seem excited about her seem to be on the internet. Mickie? Yea, she gets a response. Beth too. But Maryse? Not so much. The crowd doesn’t even make much noise when she’s speaking French. And that’s an old school heel tactic!