A Difference Between Divas and Knockouts Pointed Out

Here’s a random but interesting note on the Divas division versus the Knockouts division, courtesy of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

The big difference between the women’s matches in TNA and WWE is as much agenting as anything. In TNA, they usually would use the top agent they had to, move-for-move, structure the women’s matches. In WWE, the women are out there largely doing it themselves. That explains why Gail Kim looked so great in TNA and in WWE, she’s nowhere close to that level.

Coincidentally, Scott D’Amore who has been the Knockouts agent for the past several months once again left the company this week, reports PWInsider. D’Amore initially led the Knockouts division when it launched and is behind those epic Kong-Kim matches. D’Amore left in 2008 but returned to the post  in the summer of last year.

Meanwhile, it is true that the Divas put their own matches together; a couple of months ago a source put it to me that former Women’s and Divas Champ Melina, is in particular one of the best at putting matches together.

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  • sugarrush28

    That’s news to me. I really thought that all matches were put together move for move. maybe they should get this guy to WWE. Better yet they should try to talk Finley into heading the Women’s Divsion again.

  • RKOyou

    I really don’t get it, can someone break it down in a easier way

  • DarkMaverick87

    but you know what? now i have new respect for the women’s division of the WWE

  • LovelyLovie1

    that’s impressive that the divas have to put together their own matches, if only they could put together good matches more than bad matches

  • Mikas

    Scott d’Amore was already known as the king of spotmonkeys, just look at his own promotion (BCW) and the wrestlers that work there, the biggest spotmonkeys in the indies came from there. So in a way it’s not that surprising, although i had no idea the Knockout matches were scripted from beginning to end. I also dont think it matters much, 2007/2008 gave us a lot of good knockout matches, then Scott left and suddenly the matches started to suck.

  • RKOyou

    oh I got it, so the WWE divas mostly put together their own matches. No wonder most of the matches are botch-filled and sloppy, the divas are just winging it-_-

    If the diva matches were actually good, i would be very impressed but they’re not

  • Mikas

    “I really thought that all matches were put together move for move.”

    Well, think about it…do you really think it’s possible to put on a fast-paced match when all moves are improvised on the spot? It does explain why WWE diva matches have a MUCH slower pace. To put on a fast-paced match where the moves are improved you are going to need 2 VERY experienced wrestlers, that are already familiar with eachother’s style.

  • http://hey-michelle.net/ hey-michelle

    I agree !
    In my point of view, TNA matches are much interesting and ask real skills for women. Not a lot of Divas in the WWE are really able to wrestle, they just try to make the show because they’re beautiful, sexy, etc.
    But in WWE, now i like the way Michelle, Mickie, Natalya, Beth and Katie Lea wrestle, i think they’re the only ones interesting to watch.

  • karl

    I never knew this.For some reason i always assumed it was the other way round. I thought the divas matches where put together by people who didnt really care and the knockouts made there matches themselves.

    I definitely have more respect for the wwe divas now knowing this.
    It also now makes sence why kelly kelly does the same things over and over again.

  • Mikas

    “Not a lot of Divas in the WWE are really able to wrestle, they just try to make the show because they’re beautiful, sexy, etc.”

    I don’t think you understand the topic. The point is, that the Diva matches aren’t scripted from beginning to end, and the Knockout matches are. So basicly the Divas are wrestling, and the Knockouts are just performing a sequence of moves from the “script”.

  • Kaledrina

    okay, so the next time there’s a ten diva tag and only three divas are tagged in we get to blame the women themselves, not wwe management, right?

  • televisnostic

    I recall reading about how Cornette, when he was in TNA, would help the ladies out before the matches and especially the PPVs for years. Kudos to them to making them better.

    The WWE needs to step their game up because when you watch the show or PPV and half the fans leave to go to the rest room, that’s just sad. It also explains how and why things aren’t so fluid like they are in TNA.

    And I really hope someone else steps into D’Amore’s shoes for the Knockouts.

  • Mikas

    “so the next time there’s a ten diva tag and only three divas are tagged in we get to blame the women themselves”

    They were probably informed before the match that only 3 of them (and which of them) are going to wrestle in the match. But when a diva performs the same moves in every match (like Kelly Kelly), then we definately get to blame the diva for it instead of management.

  • Voldemaart

    Kelly should think about new moves. She must realize that Hurracanrana, Swinging Headscissor, Handspring Elbow & the K2 are nice to look but that’s it. Her problem is that she is not that strong she has to remain in her “high-flying” thing. The other divas might give her some proposals.

  • ReyStyle94

    Maybe their matches aren’t that good because they only get 3 mins to have one.

  • Zephyr5326

    I agree with Karl in that I would have though it was the other way round, yet with more practice, the Divas will make matches work. Just look at the McCool/Melina fued, that had some amazing matches, and how about Melina and Beth’s I Quit Match? That was brilliant. And even with help, it’s not like the Knockout’s matches are entertaining, look at them all recently, absolute rubbish.

  • JaiRate86

    If anything, it should be the other way round. Most divas are trained in the company and don’t have the experience of other promotions. Look at Shimmer! They don’t have agents but the matches are top notch because they know how to wrestle and not work a crowd!

  • nachos

    Every match has an agent so this is simply not true.

    Maybe someone should tell Mickie to do something other than neckbreaker, lou thez press, ddt, mickarana every match.

  • Mister Macabre

    Melina mentions a lot in her interviews that she’s always glad with what she can think up in a match and they usually come out great! Bret Hart’s said it too. Of course she’s the best! Score for Melina!

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Well of course Melina’s one of the best,she’s M-E-L-I-N-A.

    I actually thought it was that an agent was with them and helped them produce the match move-for-move with input from the veteran wrestlers and some from the rookies.

    I don’t know what you people are reading,but they don’t “wing” their matches,they just produce them on their own.

  • RKOyou

    If the knockouts had the freedom the divas do, they would still have great matches. The divas have freedom and everything is botched and sloppy

  • dunk20

    RKOyou I know it’s none of my business but if you don’t like to watch them, just stop watching instead of bitching.

  • TNAFan80

    Okay so the Knockout matches are planned and worked out in advance … it still takes talent in the ring to do what they do. You seen one Divas match, you have seen them all. Maybe if the Divas matches were planned out and the Divas knew more then the three or four basic moves, then their matches wouldn’t be so bad.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Well that makes sense…..I guess…But yeah I love Mickie James to death but if she does put her matches together i wish she would throw in some new moves like….a powerbomb…Tigerbomb…backbreak som unique stuff….

    Armando-If ur reading this that explains alot about maryse LOL JK

  • shokko22

    Wow, i have a whole new respect for the divas