Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Sareena Sandhu gets a huge win in her WWE debut at Superstar Spectacle

The first-ever Superstar Spectacle aired today on the WWE Network. This event was held to celebrate and recognize India's Republic Day. This is a...

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TNA iMPACT!: Melissa & Daisy Debut

We know that only a handful of people watch TNA, so we thought we’d be kind and bring this to the attention of the Internet masses! Daisy Haze and Cheerleader Melissa made their debuts on iMPACT! this past Thursday night, well sort of in Melissa’s case. Melissa has been with TNA since January, playing Raisha Saeed; the Knockout is doubling up with two characters – something TNA does a lot, I’m told. This is the official national television introduction for both independent workers (again, sort of in Melissa’s case) so check it out:

For a three minute match, this was very good! The choices of attire on the other hand, oh dear lord. The only letdown was the horrible commentary from Mike Tenay and Don West, I almost felt as though I was watching a Divas match on ECW, where they talk about everything and plug everything other than the match itself. Shame on you, TNA! Melissa’s finisher was sickkkkkk! If you haven’t watched the video yet, just watch it if only for the finisher, it was hot! It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Widow’s Peak. If you’ve seen both moves, which do you prefer? Anyway, both girls worked and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in future, but Daisy girl you need to sort out the ring-wear. This is the major leagues now, not SHIMMER. What do you make of the match?

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