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The Perfect 10: May 25th – June 1st

It’s time for the return of an old feature – The Perfect 10! This time, we’ll be counting down the top Divas of the week TRL style – no, not with screaming tweens and 5-second music video clips – I’ll be speaking to you and giving you analysis on why each Diva deserves her spot on the list. Check out the pilot episode below by clicking on the player! (Note – The sound you’re hearing in the background is the A/C – I can’t control it! :/)

Runtime – 4:41

» Full list in text format after the cut:

The Perfect 10: May 25th – June 1st, 2008
10. Jillian
09. ODB
08. Cherry
07. Maryse
06. Awesome Kong
05. Beth Phoenix
04. Katie Lea
03. The Beautiful People
02. Michelle McCool
01. Melina