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Diva Draft: Week 2

Welcome to Diva Dirt‘s Diva Draft! As the annual WWE Draft looms ever closer, airing on June 23rd this year, we will be looking at the Divas we think should move shows and why. Over the next four weeks, we will be sharing our guide to the Divas we think she should be move brands! In all, we’ll have 6 Divas making the switch in our virtual guide. Check back every Wednesday until the Draft for more Divas!

Editor’s Note: Welcome to week two of Diva Draft, we are now three weeks away from the WWE Draft on June 23rd. Last week, I picked Maria and Kelly Kelly to be the first Divas to switch brands during the Draft and from reading your comments, many of you agreed with me. Both Divas are polar opposites, one has accomplished very little on her brand and the other has done everything on hers. This week however, it’s just one pick (we have to pace ourselves!) and it may be a little controversial for you guys…

I gotta admit, the announcement that SmackDown!’s getting it’s own women’s title has thrown a spanner in the works, so for the purpose of this feature I will act as though it doesn’t exist!

Pick #1: Maria
From: RAW
To: SmackDown!
Why: Maria is suffering from a severe case of envy, girl wishes it was still March when she was on RAW every week. As a result of her ditching the bimbo gimmick for Playboy, she can’t go back to her ditzy fun-loving character. Lately, she’s become a jobber on RAW and so she should be with the likes of Mickie, Melina and Beth on the brand. Maria’s been on RAW for 4 years without really being all that great in the ring, I don’t know how she’s lasted so long. It’s time she was moved over to SmackDown! Maria has said in the past that she doesn’t wanna leave RAW, well as far as I’m concerned she doesn’t belong there. In my eyes, the way SmackDown!’s going, there’s no shame in being moved there. SmackDown! is the “learning brand” Diva-wise, she’ll have the chance to work with the great Victoria, even Natalya and grow more confident in the ring. On SmackDown!, she’ll have the benefit of fresh feuds (Victoria, Natalya, Maryse) as well as the chance to be a babyface and top Diva like Michelle currently is. Maria is definitely my #1 Diva pick to switch brands.

Pick #2: Kelly Kelly
From: ECW
To: SmackDown!
Why: Kelly Kelly’s another Diva who could do with being placed on SmackDown!, it seems to me that the Diva has simply outgrown her current home of ECW. By becoming a fully fledged SmackDown! Diva, Kelly will be able to grow and mould her basic wrestling skills (though she is showing vast improvements) as well as develop her character. Like Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool before her, SmackDown! could easily become Kelly’s stomping ground. I see SmackDown! as the training ground for developing Divas, you train hard, showcase your stuff on SmackDown!, develop as a character before graduating to RAW. Kelly could definitely prosper from that way of business.

Pick #3: Michelle McCool
From: SmackDown!
Why: Michelle is the Diva being buzzed about this year that fans think should make the move. Last year, it was Jillian (see how well that turned out?) and this year it’s the All-American Girl, who’s made waves on SmackDown! over the past 6 months. She’s come a long way for a former Diva Search contestant, she is now SmackDown!’s top Diva and has improved vastly in the ring. Is it time she got to showcase her skills on the “A” show? I would suggest so. Michelle could really benefit from experiencing how RAW does things: the fully-fledged women’s division is on RAW for one, plus the show is live. Michelle would get a flare for Monday nights from working with Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Melina and who knows, maybe after working her way up the ranks, she could even be pushed for the Women’s Championship?

Pick #4: ???
From: Find out on June 11th
To: Find out on June 11th
Why: Find out on June 11th

Pick #5: ???
From: Find out on June 18th
To: Find out on June 18th
Why: Find out on June 18th

Pick #6: ???
From: Find out on June 18th
To: Find out on June 18th
Why: Find out on June 18th