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    Natalya Talks Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, And The Draft

    During a recent sitdown with the WWE Universe, ECW and sometimes SmackDown Diva Natalya was questioned about a lot of current and upcoming events. Here’s what the third-generation Diva had to say:

    Q: Thoughts on the upcoming draft?
    A: I want to fight and compete and show my guts. Wherever [show] I can do that is fine with me, but can Tyson come, too? I could see Tyson tearing it up with the likes of Rey Mysterio on Raw and even Shelton Benjamon on Smackdown. You never know!

    Q: What do you think of Gail Kim?
    A: Gail has a real fighting spirit; I admire that.

    Q: Who are some future opponents she’d like to get in the ring with?
    A:  I want to face many of the Divas on Raw such as Melina, who is the current Women’s Champ. Beth Pheonix and I have been compared for years and I look forward to the day when we go nose to nose in the ring!

    Q: Why would you like to square off against Beth Phoenix?
    A: For so many years people have compared Beth to me. I see the similarities, but I know the differences. I know that I come from a place where no one else has been, and I’m not just talking about The Dungeon. Beth Pheonix may meet her match in me, and get a whole lot more than she can handle. I look forward to that moment, and I truly believe that will happen!!

    I don’t know about y’all, but I have been itching to see a Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix match for a long time. I wish she had more to say about Gail Kim because that’s also another match I would love to see. As far as the draft is concerned, I don’t really see Beth Phoenix moving off Raw, but Natalya’s status confuses me. She is a SmackDown Diva but she only appears on ECW in the corner of Tyson Kidd and not in SmackDown matches. Well, that was up until the Raw vs. SmackDown tag match we saw on Raw, where Natalya was on Team SmackDown.

    From the looks of things, I think Natalya’s status all depends on Tyson Kidd, which I hate to say. She is her own self, but being paired with Tyson, she will probably end up wherever he ends up, if he even leaves ECW. Natalya is great on SmackDown, and I think a match like Natalya vs. Beth should be saved for a special interpromotional PPV event, maybe One Night Stand (which I’m using since I just found out it will be in New Orleans and I must attend), or even the new WWE Superstars show debuting next Thursday, April 16. That would be pretty good season premiere match if you ask me!