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2009 Draft Quickie: Divas Talk Brand Switching

Tonight’s the big night! After all the waiting, the 2009 Draft happens in just a few hours. With all the anticipation of which Diva might go where, some of the Divas have taken to their blogs to discuss the possibility of them being switched and new opponents. Some of these Divas include Michelle McCool and Natalya. Here is your News Quickie with their thoughts:

– Michelle McCool gets “in character” to blog about a few of the Divas on the WWE roster, including Maryse, Melina, and Mickie James. She “doesn’t care” regardless of what happens, you know, because we’re all just living in her world. Otherwise, she’d love to see Maryse go because she’s tired of making her look good. She wants her Divas Championship back, but Maryse has gotta go! For Melina, she wants to tangle it up with her because Melina is the Women’s Champion, and Michelle plans on making history again by becoming the first ever holder of both Championships. Plus, she “never forgets” past events, and still hasn’t forgiven MNM for delivering the Snapshot to her years ago. Finally, she wants to get in the ring with the spunky Mickie James and finish what the two started at WrestleMania to prove she’s better than Mickie. That’s all we were fortunate enough to hear from her since she had enough talking to us.

– Natalya mentions that she could go to any brand and kick the butt’s of some Divas, but she’d prefer on and off-screen boyfriend Tyson Kidd go with her. As we’ve said before, Natalya and Tyson will probably be a package deal on whichever brand they get drafted to, should they go anywhere at all. Remember Natalya is still booked as a member of the SmackDown roster. Honestly, Natalya just wants to get in the ring period! Being a manager isn’t serving the third-generation, Dungeon-trained Diva well!

– Ring announcer and newly inducted member of the Hall of Fame, Howard Finkel, took to his blog to discuss the Draft as well. The Fink brought up an unlikely candidate for the Draft; Lilian Garcia. He suggested Lilian could leave her roots on Raw after more than a decade of being on the Red team and switch brands to SmackDown, similar to the shocking move of JR to SmackDown in last year’s Draft. I think that would actually be pretty interesting!

Who knows what will happen tonight, but I think Lilian switching brands would definitely send shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe! Don’t forget to join Diva Dirt‘s Live Blog too!