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McCool Responds to Trish & Melina Heat… Kinda


Former Divas Champion, Michelle McCool took to her blog last night and indirectly responded to Trish Stratusclaims earlier this week, that there are far too many women on the WWE roster. She also briefly touched upon, I’m assuming, rumours that Women’s Champion Melina has backstage heat. So what did SmackDown’s finest have to say?

Note: Just for those of you who may not be familar with Michelle’s blogs, she usually comments in and out of character on situations, since she turned heel last December. So ‘ITR’ means ‘Inside the Ropes’ i.e. in-character. ‘OTR’ means ‘Outside the Ropes’ and is more her general feeling:

ITR: Yes there are alot of girls. Sometimes, entirely too many for my liking. Simply put, quarters can get a little cramped & I get tired of hearing about how they wanna do this and wanna do that….I have a great idea. How about learning how to work inside the ring and give me a little competition. How about that?

OTR: Some of you were very specific with things you’ve read, stuff you’ve “heard,” “heat” that some supposedly have. I’ve said it a ton of times…I could sit here and defend myself & defend others until I’m blue in the face, but where would that get me? Nowhere! Truth is, if you’re reading whatever websites produce these statements, you’re going to believe what you want to believe anyway. All I know is that some of the things you guys are wondering about really are laughable. It’s just funny how so many people know so much about the superstars personally and we’ve never even met them.

Interesting response, to say the least. However one thing I must point out; doesn’t her ‘OTR’ response still come across a little mean and somewhat bitchy? Just saying, it’s a far cry from the bible-quoting ‘Faith, love and whatever’ blogs of yore. There seems to be a definite change in attitude from Michelle ever since her character went heel. Where does in-character Michelle end and the real Michelle begin? You wouldn’t really be able to tell from those two paragraphs. Now I like Michelle, I really do, but that’s just the vibe I’m getting from her these days.

The ‘Outside the Ropes’ response is a little puzzling, because I’m guessing she’s responding to Trish’s comments in an interview earlier this week but somewhow she turns it around on the fans? Okay, a tad bitchy, if you ask me. If she is referring to Trish’s comments, it’s not a “website producing these statements” it is the opinion – and a very valid opinion – of a former Women’s Champion who has sat in that very lockerroom.

Even though she’s a heel and all, I’d like to suggest that Michelle edit herself every now and again because she’s in danger of alienating her fanbase.

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