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Is Christy Hemme’s Career Over?


For fiery redhead, Christy Hemme, her injury earlier this year couldn’t have come at a worse time. Hemme was being pushed as TNA’s top babyface Knockout and was placed into a title programme with Awesome Kong for the Knockout Championship. However in January 2009, she was abruptly sidelined after suffering a neck injury and from then, seemingly fell off the radar.

Little was known of Hemme’s progress – until now. Five months later almost, finally there is an update on Christy’s status – unfortunately for her fans, it doesn’t sound like good news. In a recent interview, Christy updated:

“I opted not to have neck surgery because I don’t like the idea of fusing bones together when you can heal it naturally,” Hemme said. “I haven’t wrestled since November and I’m feeling really good and getting a lot stronger and waiting it out until I can get back in the ring.”

I don’t know about you, but to me it almost seems like that Candice-esque situation where she’s gotten injured and seemingly falls off the wrestling radar. Hemme, like Candice, has worked on a lot of outside projects during her time away from the business which makes me wonder if she’s long for this industry.

Furthermore, there are shades of Torrie Wilson‘s situation there. Torrie was sidelined with an injury that never really went away and eventually, she quietly left WWE. I have to wonder if that’s a similar situation for Christy, she’s been on the shelf for a good while and each day, a comeback looks slimmer and slimmer.

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