Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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TNA Teasing New Acquisition: Identity & Theory *Edited*

As we first reported on our Twitter page yesterday, TNA’s Jeremy Borash is teasing that the company had ‘come to terms with a well known female wrestler’.

Though we haven’t been able to confirm it, there was one name that was sent to us late last night and if indeed true, would make Borash’s quote an understatement! Said female is very well known and this would be a game-changing signing for the Knockouts division, if you ask me.

Now, this is just my theory but given the timing of the announcement – just two days before a TNA pay per view, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this new acquisition make her debut tomorrow night at Sacrifice as with other past key acquisitions.

Also trying to see where a new Knockout could fit in, my theory (or fantasy booking) is that the new signing could play a big part of the Angelina LoveAwesome Kong Knockouts Championship match. Bearing in mind, that Kong has decimated every member of the Beautiful People in recent weeks on Impact, you could have Angelina call in help from outside of the company – enter new Knockout to help her retain her title.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow night at Sacrifice. Like I say, this is purely conjecture at the moment because I haven’t even confirmed the new Knockout, it could turn out to be Debra in the end, who knows?

EDIT: You can find said new Knockout’s identity by clicking here, courtesy of our partners at the Wrestling Globe Newsletter.

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