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    Exclusive: Dawn Marie on Weight Loss, Wrestler’s Rescue and Much More


    As promised, I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Dawn Marie today in a chat that lasted well over an hour! We remember Dawn as the seductress of SmackDown but since then, she’s become a wife and mother and is now the driving force behind Wrestler’s Rescue.

    I gotta admit, I was nervous but Dawn is extremely warm and is just an awesome, approachable woman. Over the course of the hour, we discussed what Dawn’s currently up to as she’s doing a weight loss program and encourages fans to join her. We also talked about Wrestler’s Rescue, her time in the WWE and much more!

    Dawn was very open and honest, she talks about what happened with her and TNA who offered her a job and then took it back and why she thinks they did so. Dawn also reveals her thoughts on the girls today, including Michelle McCool who had her first SmackDown match with Dawn as well as the women she respects!

    If I do say so myself, I think you’ll all enjoy this interview & there’s a lot I’m sure, you’ll want to discuss in the comments!

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    To support Dawn in her weight loss journey, check out her MySpace page, Twitter and official website. Dawn will be writing blogs, uploading video diaries and more. Plus you can also make a donation [and receive a free gift!] to Wrestler’s Rescue, which we all urge you to do if you have enjoyed this interview!