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WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions


The Divas Championship will be defended on pay per view tonight when Alicia Fox challenges Mickie James. It’s the classic tale of the young, brash rookie and the respected veteran. Who will come out on top at Hell in a Cell? The Diva Dirt team weigh in:

Erin: With how unpredictable the WWE can be in booking Mickie, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they had her drop the title to Alicia. They suddenly got a fire lit under their ass in terms of pushing Alicia, and I can totally see her pulling the upset. She’s got a good heel character going and could porbalby generate some good heat as a heel champ. I think Alicia holding the title would inject some much needed excitement into Raw’s division, even if she may not be totally ready for it. The only question is what babyfaces there are for her to feud with aside from Gail or Kelly, but I’m sure the WWE hasn’t thought it that far through either…

Melanie: This honestly could go either way, I don’t know if I can call it. There hasn’t been too much of a storyline build or enough character build to really trigger a title switch in favour of Alicia here, however she has proven herself to be the ‘developmental dream’ and I could see WWE wanting to reward one of their upcoming ‘young guns’. She is the first ‘model’ that has had no prior experience that’s come through the developmental system and shown a penchant for being able to go out there and hang in with the best of them. She’s still green around the gills, but Maryse has held this very title and she is half the worker that Alicia is. I would have no problem with Alicia picking up the belt here, in fact I would probably hold a procession in her honour. It’s really hard to call, but just for the sole fact that this is their first encounter I will go with Mickie and should this feud continue, I would say Alicia will take the belt before the year is out. Just for the record, I am 100% Team Fox and this is one of the rare occasions where I would love to be wrong.

Steven: This match is pulling me in two different directions. On one hand, I’ve been a huge Mickie James fan since her TNA days. On the other hand, Alicia is my favorite ‘new’ Diva and I would love to see her get her time in the limelight. Realistically, I see Mickie picking up the win this Sunday. Like others have noted, it’s a little early to have Alicia pick up the strap, but hopefully this match will put her over as a serious contender and a future champ. Hmm, now that I think about it, WWE did let Maryse win the title…

Tiffany: I think Mickie will pull a win this Sunday. In all honesty, there hasn’t been that much build-up, at least not enough for me to anticipate a possible win for Alicia at Hell in a Cell. I think the fact that she is getting an opportunity to compete for the title will still do wonders for her. Simply put, Mickie still has yet to have a sufficient run with the Divas title. I can see a possible title win in Alicia’s future, but this Sunday is far too soon.

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