Monday, June 14, 2021

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Beth Phoenix Comments on Rumble, Blasts Chyna

If you ever needed proof that WWE still hasn’t gotten over the departure of Chyna some 10 years later — this is it! As only the second woman to enter the Royal Rumble match, Beth Phoenix paid an homage of sorts to her predecessor after her own Rumble appearance. She told

“Tonight was my night to step up and step out of the Divas division into a league of my own,” Beth said. “With every single obstacle that’s been put in front of me, I’ve not only reached my goals,” Beth boasted, “but I’ve far surpassed what everyone has ever expected from me.”

“Despite Chyna’s accomplishments [in the Rumble],” Beth said, “I eliminated The Great Khali. Seven-foot-three, 420 pounds. No small feat.”

“I am WWE’s Glamazon. Chyna was WWE’s Ninth Wonder of the World … mostly called so because people wondered whether she was a man or a woman. I often wonder this, myself.”

“Chyna would have had a slight size advantage in her prime, but I’ll tell you what Chyna was missing and that was heart.”

“In the ring, toe-to-toe with me, Chyna doesn’t compare.”

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Hmm, is anyone else getting a ‘work’ vibe? WWE rarely acknowledges past performers in such a manner unless of course, they are plotting some sort of comeback like Bret Hart. WrestleMania is just around the corner… could it be? Chyna, like Bret, has bad blood with WWE but the impossible eventually happened. Will Chyna follow suit

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