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WrestleMania 26: Five Moments You May Have Overlooked

Yes, we’re still riding that WrestleMania wave! While the Divas match at WrestleMania caused a frenzy, we may have overlooked some other Diva moments at ‘Mania that were equally, or perhaps more, memorable. On Monday, we reviewed the 10-Diva tag team match and today, we’re going to look at a few points that were perhaps forgotten. Let’s discuss:

Natalya slaps Vince
Doesn’t everyone dream of slapping their boss? Sadly, so few of us get to do it. However, here’s Natalya getting to slap Vince McMahon with all the force in her right arm and gets paid to do so. Let us live vicariously through her! When we saw Natalya come out to the ring at WrestleMania 26, we popped. It was about time that Nattie and her Hart Dynasty cohorts got a little somethin’-somethin’ out of Uncle Bret’s big return, right? Up until now, they’d been over on SmackDown pretty much floundering. Needless to say, Natalya’s presence at ringside was a much welcome surprise. However, when we saw Natalya strike Vince like a pimp who had just been short changed, not only did we pop, but we may have peed a little with excitement. Okay, obviously embellished that last part [that would just be super gross] but you get the gist. Nattie’s slap could perhaps rival that of Daddy’s Little Girl herself, Stephanie McMahon. Methinks a slap-off is in order for WrestleMania 27!

Savannah debuts
Sweet little Savannah! That super smiley face makes me just want to pinch her cheeks… Okay, that’s another story. But anyway, ECW-turned-NXT ring announcer Savannah made her debut at WrestleMania 26 announcing the Money in the Bank ladder match as well as the pre-show 26 man battle royal. Didn’t she do a great job? Though we’d much rather see her wrestle, I’m sure, Savvy is proving to be a little Lilian in the making with her belting voice just oozing with confidence. Her ‘Mania announcing debut may have just been the one match [on television, that is] but still, calling out ten men one after another must be a little daunting for your first big show. And then there’s the super cute that was gushed over in the ‘Mania Style Jury special. Perhaps unintentional, but Savannah looked super cute as she paid what we’d like to think is an homage to the Decade Diva, Lilian Garcia, who razzled and dazzled us with her sparkly dresses at this annual event.

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Serena ‘Punks’ Rey
CM Punk may be going by the name, the ‘Straight Edge Savior’ but it was his behind that was saved by another WrestleMania newcomer, Serena. Little Miss Straight Edge played an interesting component in the Rey vs Punk match at ‘Mania, attempting to save her mentor from a humiliating loss. Of course, when all was said and done, he lost anyway but hey, at least she tried! Serena is proving to be quite the manager, she understands her role at ringside and plays it up. This isn’t a sexy little model standing at ringside, this is a manager that like Natalya, is an extremely useful person to have in your corner. Serena knows when she needs to get involved and tries to turn things in her man’s favour. Serena’s WrestleMania debut may have been small in part, but it was memorable and nice to see the art of managing return to the big stage. Considering the company she keeps — other managers at ‘Mania include Sensational Sherri and Miss Elizabeth — it’s something of an honour.

Melina makes a cameo
We discussed this a little bit in the WrestleMania review on Monday, but boy, how great was it to see Melina back on WWE TV? Making her first appearance on a WWE show in 2010, Melina looked ravishing in this black mini — and after seeing ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and Mae Young in the same one, we needed something sweet to burn that from our memory. The former Divas and Women’s Champ’s surprise appearance was kept brief but seeing her pop up made me gasp and those that were live blogging with us were also very excited to see her back, no matter how small the dose. After competing at the last three WrestleManias in a row, it was sad that she couldn’t wrestle this time but this small cameo should be enough to tide us over until she makes her return in the summer. If not, we hear Melina’s a Twitter addict now — so why not shoot her a message? The chances of receiving a reply are pretty high.

Wendi returns to the grandest stage
“Girls just want to have fun,” screamed Wendi Richter as the camera panned to her during the Hall of Fame segment at WrestleMania. Unfortunately, Vickie Guerrero had all the fun on this night but Wendi’s return to WrestleMania is a sight many thought they’d never see. Making her first appearance at a WrestleMania since the very first one back in 1985, Wendi looked elegant and beautiful as she took to the stage. 25 years ago, Wendi made a little piece of ‘Mania history when she was managed to the ring by Grammy award winner, Cyndi Lauper. Since then, the Divas have had their ups and downs at ‘Mania but Wendi will always be known as the first woman to truly leave her mark on the grandest stage of them all. Her return to ‘Mania, one night after accepting her Hall of Fame induction, sees her career come full circle almost. Congratulations, Wendi!

So there you have it. Our guide to the lesser moments of ‘Mania. Share your thoughts on each of them in the comments.