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SHIMMER Volume 29 Taping Results

Diva Dirt‘s Steven is on hand at this weekend’s SHIMMER festivities in Berwyn, Illinois. Today, SHIMMER will be filming Volumes 29 and 30. Below are complete results from the Volume 29 taping.

SPARKLE (Pre-Show)
* Ana Minoushka def. PJ Tyler with a double underhook facebuster.
* Leva Bates def. She Nay Nay with a tope rope Thesz press.

SHIMMER Volume 29
1. Kellie Skater def. Nevaeh with a flipping necksnap.

2. Nikki Roxx and Ariel def. Melanie Cruise and Annie Social. Roxx pinned Social after hitting the Barbie Crusher.

3. LuFisto def. Rachel Summerlyn with an armbar submission. Midway through Lufisto targets the arm. Total squash match but a good showing by Summerlyn.

4. Mercedes Martinez def. Jamilia Craft. Mercedes wins with the fisherman buster. Great showing by Craft but Martinez took her to school. Craft got back into it at the end and wiggled out of one buster, but got caught by the second. Great match.

5. Allison Danger def. Rayna Von Tosh with the Lovelace Choker. Surprisingly a back and forth match. Good stuff at the start by with Rayna flrting with the ref.

After the match, Allison cuts a promo calling out Portia and the Canadian appear on the screen and while Danger is distracted Portia attacks from behind. Nicole Matthews comes out with handcuffs and holds back Bryce from helping. Leva Bates and Neveah try to make the save but are taken out by Melanie Cruise and Annie Social. Ariel as well. Portia finishes off by spitting in Danger’s face. Danger has to be helped to the back. Best segment so far.

6. Madison Eagles def. Sassy Stephie with her Hell Bound finisher. Madison was way over with the Berwyn crowd. She got a massive “Welcome back!!!” chant. Not her best match but was great to see Eagles back. Also very good showing by Stephie.

7. Jessie McKay def. Cat Power with the Boyfriend Stealer. Both of thes girls were really impressive. Highlight was Cat busting out the figure four leglock, prompting “Wooo” chants.

Amber Gertner interviews Sarah Stock who is in some killer heels. She says she wants to take on MsChif for the belt. Amber says that MsChif and Melissa are taking on The Canadian Ninjas for the belts tonight but Sarah gets her match Volume 30 which will be taped later tonight.

8. Sara Del Rey def. Tenille (sporting blonde hair) via the Royal Butterfly. Best match of Tenille’s entire SHIMMER career. Tenille kept with Del Rey hold for hold. Awesome bridging Indian deathlock by Tenille. My favorite match so far.

9. Misaki Ohata def. Daizee Haze via rollup. After the match Daizee turns heel attacks Ohata. Jamilia Craft comes out to talk her teacher down [Daizee is her trainer], but gets attacked as well. Haze got some major heat from the crowd. Great match and segment. Ohata can bust out a submission from any position and there was some awesome chain wrestling from both ladies.

10. Ayumi Kurihara def. Tomoka Nakagawa with a hammerlock side suplex. OMG!!! Best match ever!!! It had strikes, holds, high flying. I’m seriously thinking of moving to Japan… Match of the Year candidate.

11. The Canadian Ninjas def. Cheerleader Melissa & MsChif to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships. Nicole Matthews pinned MsChif after a german suplex/superkick combo. MelisChif are crazy over! Crowd was on fire! Ninjas wouldn’t wrestle until everyone was quiet. Lulz. Melissa and ‘Chif were in the corner closest to me and I was marking out. Action spills outside and MsChif climbs over the barricade and holds Nicole while Melissa wheelbarrow whips Portia into her. Epic.

Post match the Ninjas beat down MelisChif but Allison makes the save. Portia flees.

My pick for Volume 29: Ayumi vs Tomoka. A must see for any wrestling fan.

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