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Diva Draft 2010: Layla to Raw

Welcome to the third annual edition of our Diva Draft feature here at Diva Dirt! If you haven’t been with us over the last couple of years, the premise is simple — each year, I make six predictions/suggestions over six consecutive days in the lead up to the WWE Draft which this year falls on Monday, April 26th. In previous years, I have successfully managed to predict some of the movies; in 2008, I predicted both draft picks and in 2009, four of my six predictions came true with a fifth later being realised in the Diva Trade of October 2009. So, let’s hope this year will be just as fruitful. Check back for all six of my picks over the coming week!

Note: Due to Katie Lea‘s release, this year’s Diva Draft has been cut down to just five predictions/suggestions as Katie was one of my six original picks.


You didn’t think I’d ship Michelle over to Raw on her own, did you? Layla has the unique distinction of being highlighted in my Diva Draft feature every single year. I don’t know what it is but each year, I seem to have Lay-DD. (Get it?)

Anyway, this past year since moving to SmackDown, Layla has come into her own and become the amazing Diva I always knew she could be. I have believed in Layla since I saw her on the Diva Search all those years ago. This girl is breathtakingly beautiful, has lots of charisma and personality and I always felt that she could go in the ring if given the oppportunity. Look at her now — she’s had some fantastic matches with the likes of Melina, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix on SmackDown and has even hitched her wagon to arguably, the top Diva in the WWE right now, Michelle McCool.

Team Lay-Cool has allowed Layla to shine like never before and along with Michelle, she has been the most consistently used Diva in 2010 thus far. Pay per view matches? Check. Long segments on SmackDown? Check. Moving the act over to Raw seems to be the next best bet. They’ve proven to be effective characters and we all know that Raw is pretty much SNL these days with more emphasis on character than wrestling. I feel that Michelle and Layla on Raw could actually help the women’s division over on Raw given that they are characters with the moves to back it up.

I don’t know about you, but I really like seeing Layla and Michelle as a team and the longer Layla’s wagon is hitched to Michelle, the less chance there is of her getting lost in the shuffle as jobber heel #2445543. I’d like to see this act continue for a little while longer, on Raw, before the two perhaps split up and even feud over the Divas Title — assuming Michelle were to win it from Eve eventually.

Layla has so much to offer and has upped her game ten-fold in the last year. As mentioned at the beginning, every year we’ve done this feature, I’ve always had Layla as one of my picks and every year so far, she has moved. I hope we can make it three for three [with Michelle in tow].

Check back tomorrow for the final pick