Friday, June 18, 2021

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Maria & Mickie James Added to WWE Alumni

Five time Women’s Champion, Mickie James and Celebrity Apprentice star Maria Kanellis have been added to’s ever growing Alumni section in record time.

James was released just last week while Kanellis was let go in February, meanwhile the last former Diva to make the page, Candice Michelle, was only added in March after a year since her last WWE appearance.

It’s nice to see WWE not completely forget the contributions of both Divas, they were extremely popular amongst the WWE Divas — Mickie was obviously the most over Diva during her time in the company, while Maria was very over herself winning the Diva of the Year vote last December.

However, part of me wonders if this is WWE cashing in on Google searches for the two high profile ex-Divas. After all, Kanellis is riding the ‘Apprentice’ wave, while James’ release has been big news and she has an album coming up.

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