Friday, June 25, 2021

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Beth Phoenix Praises Layla’s Women’s Title Win

In a new article on speaking about her ACL injury, The Glamazon Beth Phoenix provided a rare compliment to the new WWE Women’s Champion, Layla. She says:

“In some way, I’m proud of Layla for stepping up and taking an opportunity to become the new Women’s Champion. She is one of the hardest working Divas on the roster and, as a WWE Diva Search winner, she is no stranger to success. Michelle McCool has also overcome many challenges to earn an important place in Divas history, but even she can’t say that she was chosen by the WWE Universe to become part of the WWE roster. That is an accolade Layla will always have over Michelle.”

Beth also notes that she isn’t taking a moment to wallow after tearing her ACL, rather focusing all of her energy into rising from the ashes. Despite it all, Beth continues to stay positive on her Twitter page and in this interview. I don’t know how she does it but more power to her!

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