Women of Wrestling Podcast Episode 7 with Awesome Kong


Yes, listeners, it’s not that long since Kong was here on Diva Dirt for an interview, but please join us now for “Amazing Kong 2: Electric Boogaloo”, as the Women of Wrestling Podcast delves further into the former multiple time women’s champion Amazing Kong. Yes, we said Amazing Kong. Hear for yourself Kong’s thoughts on the male/female pay discrepancy in the business, the firing of BTLS and the hiring of Betsy Ruth, then travel back for a whistle stop tour of Kong’s career, from a desire to meet her hero to that fateful meeting – via reality TV, the Inoki Dojo, All Japan Women, meeting Hamada, playing Margaret in HUSTLE, visiting the UK (and our fine hospitals), tearing up the SHIMMER ranks and her recent returns to Japan and ROH. This is Amazing Kong as you’ve never heard her before! Over an hour of Kong, plus nearly 30 minutes of news, opinions and reviews to open. You want this. You want it ALLLLLL!

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  • tre804

    You know what this was quite interesting can’t wait for the next interview i agree with kong on betsy ruth wait till you see her then judge, she can make he own impact in tna. but in my opinion no one can replace awesome kong

  • RadicalRhys297

    No way… abdominal pains?!? This was in the UK correct? … NO SHIZ! =O I had that exact pain last October, and my dad had that pain only a few days ago! Both of us were sent to hospital at the time, but we’re okay now. It must be a UK disease or something, I really dunno what caused it. Worst pain of my life thats for sure. =-(

  • Jack5326

    I’ve only managed to listen to half of this so far but I wanted to comment seeing as though these comments need some more attention. This may not seem like constructive crit but my god, one of the reporters has an annoying style. There is a some great stuff being brought up though but please tone it down Lee! Really sorry if this sounds rude but I don’t see any other reason why this post has only 2 comments as the content given from Kong is great.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/womenofwrestling leeburton

    Hi, not sure what you mean by ‘tone it down’, but throw me an email at wowhosts@gmail.com and I’ll read what you’ve got to say.

  • totallynecessary

    I noticed that since Kong left TNA i haven’t been nearly a quarter of enthusiastic about IMPACT as I once was. She really was money Main Event Quality Womens Wrestler that was one of a kind…. I hope Betsy Ruth really brings it but isnt she relatively green… I really hope TNA matures her and don’t give the title away so easily… I really think they need an established star… and what happened to the diversity of the knockouts division… I think that more than anything was their strength at one time you had an Asian Canadian, Four Black females (Kong, Jackie, Rhaka, & Sojo <A feat I still cant believe) Five including Sharmell, Salina (Latina) & and various causian wrestlers of different body types and appeals… The FOUR SIDED place is catering to the same mold of divas (I love most of them but…) it was so refreshing to see that…

    I love Victoria but her matches never gave me the THIS IS A CLASSIC MOMENT!!! Surprisingly Kong, a woman of a stature that doesn't leave others to do many of their moves on, always seem to get the "HOLY SH#T!!!!" chants and an excitement like none other…

    I would love to hear kong talk about the KONGTURAGE for once and if she would ever do a Intergender angle and cross the line to wrestle men as well in the STATES as she done in the past and who would be the best male wrestlers for her to feud with, tag with, start a romantic angle with, and vallet for (her 4 them or them 4 her)…

  • ashford st pierre

    I love Kong, I would of liked her to talk about those circulating rumours that she’s joining the wwe.

  • Jack5326

    I feel pretty bad about what I posted as it must be hard to interview etc and I don’t get me wrong, I think that these podcasts are a GREAT thing; I love hearing audio content from top named stars yet then I see the number of comments and it’s pretty sad to see the WOW podcasts getting much less comments than say an interview that Melanie does. Melanie of Diva-Dirt and eve Stew on the this show have a very reserved style and in terms of a metaphor, Stew is very Todd Grisham and Lee is very Matt Striker, and my personal preference is to hear Todd Grisham’s less OTT style.

    I might not have explained it the best way possible but I hope this hasn’t came across in awful way to Lee. I really think these audio shows deserve more comments as the concept is excellent and I did btw, really enjoy the Jemma Palmer episode.

  • Stew

    I’m TODD?!

    Okay, that actually made me laugh!

    Cheers for the comments though. Much appreciated.

  • Shanti

    “I love Kong, I would of liked her to talk about those circulating rumours that she’s joining the wwe.”

    Well she talks about Stone Cold endorsing her, which is all there is really. I haven’t her any circulating rumors. Just JR and Stone Cold saying the WWE should sing her.

    Anyway, amazing podcast. I’ve told you two this already, but it was very entertaining and can’t wait to listen to the next one.

  • Shanti

    A little do over since I butchered the 2nd paragraph in my post:

    “I love Kong, I would of liked her to talk about those circulating rumours that she’s joining the wwe.”

    Well she talks about Stone Cold endorsing her, which is all there is really. I haven’t heard any circulating rumors. Just JR and Stone Cold saying the WWE should sign her.

    Anyway, amazing podcast. I’ve told you two this already, but it was very entertaining and can’t wait to listen to the next one

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/womenofwrestling leeburton

    Jack, don’t feel bad about what you said – I haven’t taken it personally as I know you had no intention of it being that way. Fret not. However, I feel I should explain a bit about my background.

    I’m a broadcast journalist by trade. Including training, I’ve been involved in radio news for the last 11 years. The version you hear of me on WoW is more the real me – excitable, animated and easy-going. I feel that works to create some balance on the podcast – especially, as you correctly point out, Stew is the grounded force on the show. Variety is a good thing, I feel, and I believe that I bring an aspect to the podcast that makes the proceedings a lighter aspect at times.

    Just because they’re a wrestler and I respect what they do, it doesn’t mean that I can’t banter with them and have some fun. Who wants to have a slew of serious questions rifled at them anyway? If everyone is loose, I reckon it makes for a better atmosphere, everyone enjoys themseves and it sounds more like a chat than a questionnaire. That’s a trait I use at work, but add a bit more formality to it – but even if I was talking to politicians, like I did this week, I still chat instead of fire off pre-prepared questions.

    Besides, this is wrestling – it’s all about enjoying yourself!

    And also, if you think I sound like Striker… wait until you hear the analogies I use in the next episode, which should be hitting Diva Dirt at the weekend.

  • Jack5326

    What’s kind of ironic in this is that I am about to go to university to study Broadcast Journalism so this is the field I am interested in, which is why I wanted to comment, but unfortuntely, it seemed to have turned into a little more of a negative comment when in fact, I was meaning for it to be the opposite.

    If you two put effort into these podcasts, you obviously want them to be well recieved, and I thought I’d comment to put the number of comments up and show that I appreciate what you’ve done as it’s not everyday you get to interview Awesome Kong.

    But yeah another ironic point (which I didn’t explain correctly AT all) is that I like Matt Striker XD, just I know loads hate him. When he calls Layla ‘Tea and Crumpets’ and what not, I think it’s funny, so I pointed out your similar (sort of) style as something to tone down, because I dunno, maybe the majority find Striker annoying and I was kind of annoyed that you two only get a handful of comments as opposed to say a podcast Melanie would do which could get 60+ comments so I just wanted to give some constructive feedback which in turn, came across a bit harsher than I wanted.

    Anyway, enough me rambling on, can’t wait to hear the next one haha!