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TNA Xplosion Watch (July 7th, 2010): Lottalove and Lottahate

The past few weeks we’ve seen the implosion of the team Saritaylor on TNA Xplosion. Apparently fed up with lack of TV time and wins, Sarita violently turned on Taylor Wilde. Tonight, we see the return of Rosie Lottalove as she takes on Taylor Wilde. Will the Dark Angel make an impact here as she has the last few weeks?

(Skip to 2:58)

We see Rosie Lottalove relaxing before her match. She speaks of what makes her different from the knockouts, her determination to become Knockouts Champion “very soon,” and her upcoming match with Taylor Wilde. She knows Taylor is a former KO champion and that she’s small and fast. But Rosie is smart – she’ll catch Taylor and that’ll be all she wrote. The usual play on her size is all over this promo, but to be honest I’m distracted by that ten ton of eyeshadow on her eyes. Looks like the late Tammy Faye Baker. Rosie’s really beautiful without the gobs of makeup, I wish she’d tone it down.

We switch to Taylor Wilde who’s sitting on the floor of the locker room. She’s despondant yet fustrated with the blowout of her partnership and friendship with Sarita. She feels lost stepping into the ring without her friend and doesn’t know where things will go from here. One thing’s for certain – she’s taking all this pent up fustration out on Rosie Lottalove tonight. As we cut away from her, we see Sarita enter the building. She’s not about to discuss why she’s here either.

Out in the arena, Rosie’s entrance is first. Ditching the robe, we see she’s dressed in the same outfit as before complete with fishnets and feather boa. Not the best choice in wrestling attire but I have to admire the way she works this gimmick. There’s no hesitation as she makes her way to the ring, strutting, cat-crawling, shaking her booty. This woman is beautiful and she doesn’t give a crap what anyone else thinks! Next out is Taylor (and some mechanical malfunctions – we still have Rosie’s name up on the screen even as Taylor’s music plays) in her silver and black top and skirt. I think it looks cute on her even though usually I’m not much for skirts in wrestling. She enters the ring and this match is on.

The two lockup and it’s not long before Rosie simply shoves Taylor back. Taylor rolls with it, ending up crouched in the corner. They circle before locking up again – yet another shove sends Taylor rolling back into another corner. Talk about your unequal matchups! Rosie’s outfit is shedding as we see the referee trying to discard some of the feathers that’re littering the ring. Good luck with that, they’re everywhere. Taylor comes out, trying for a kick to Rosie’s side but the busty brunette catches her leg and sends her spinning around. Another kick, another catch, another spin. Taylor is fustrated as she simply tries to clock Rosie upside the head. It connects but makes no difference as Rosie gets Taylor from behind in a waistlock. Taylor struggles but Rosie simply lifts the blonde and throws her down to the mat.

As Taylor gets to her feet in a corner, Rosie comes at her but Taylor moves and starts delivering some fists. She doesn’t get very far as Rosie shoves Taylor back down, sending her rolling again. Wilde is up but sees Lottalove charging at her. She runs and manages to slide out between the ropes, causing Rosie to run into the corner. This staggers the brunette, allowing Taylor to get a kick to Rosie’s stomach. As she’s doubled over, Taylor goes for a sunset flip, grabbing at Rosie’s legs to try and flip her down for the pin. This clearly isn’t going to work. Rosie looks around before simply crashing down – but Taylor’s quick enough to move so there’s no one home. Stunned, this leaves her open for a stiff dropkick from Taylor to send the woman flat against the mat. But a cover is only good for two as Rosie kicks out with authority.

Taylor’s first on her feet and before Lottalove can get to hers, Wilde locks in a sleeper. The ref asks if Rosie wants to give and you can see her snarl, “NO!” As she makes it to her feet, we hear the crowd start a “Rosie” chant. Interesting. Back up, a big shove breaks the sleeper and sends Taylor to the mat. Rosie’s staggering through, trying to catch her breath. As Taylor charges, Rosie catches her and throws her backwards, a variation of a suplex that sends Taylor to the mat on her back. Both women slowly get to their feet but Rosie’s up first and as we cut to commercial, we see Rosie get a kick in to Taylor’s shoulder.

Coming back, Taylor Wilde is stuck in a corner, with Rosie delivering some hard kicks. JB tells us that Rosie has dominated the pint sized Canadian during the break. As Taylor sags in the corner, Rosie points to her tookus…oh dear. Poor Taylor is savaged by a stinkface! Eww. I don’t care who that move is done by, Rikishi, The Kat or Rosie, it’s not pleasant either way. Rosie pulls Taylor to her feet and locks in a massive sleeper. The crowd comes alive for Taylor as she struggles to free herself, but Rosie gets in a sloppy looking forarm that sends Taylor to her knees. Another sleeper and we see Rosie take a hand and rip part of Taylor’s mouth open! Not very sanitary but Ms. Lottalove has a mean streak to say the least. A couple of elbows to the midsection almost get Taylor free but at the last moment, Rosie slams her back to the mat via her hair. The referee cautions her but Rosie ignores him, yelling at Taylor to get up. She does, only to be met with another sloppy blow to her shoulder, and then Rosie locks in another sleeper. And to be honest, I’m bored now.

Worming around until she’s face to chest with Rosie, Taylor drops down, connecting with a jawbreaker. Finally free, she whips herself into the ropes, she hits two clotheslines that fail to bring down Rosie. Wilde hits a leg lariat which staggers Rosie but doesn’t knock her off her feet. As Taylor comes at her, Rosie  hoists her up on her shoulders and nails her with a sit down powerbomb. She drags the limp blonde to the corner and goes up to the second rope for a splash – but at the last moment Taylor moves and Rosie lands on her belly! Quick as a flash, Taylor’s on the outside, climbing the turnbuckle but instead of hitting a manuver, she simply leaps over Rosie, whips herself into the ropes and hits a hard flying dropkick that sends Rosie through the ropes to the outside. She lands hard and as the referee starts counting, Taylor looks up the ramp to see Sarita heading out! Taylor motions for her to get in the ring and Sarita obliges – we have ourselves a brawl! The referee calls for a no-contest but I don’t think anyone cares, least of all Taylor. The two continue with fists and kicks to each other (Sarita having to adjust her top twice, we don’t want a Janet Jackson incident) as the bell sounds repeatedly. Finally security comes out and separates the two as the crowd chants, “Let them fight!” They each manage to break away from security and go after the other but finally the camera cuts away from the ring as security holds each of them back.

Well the match was lackluster, but it’s going to be like that when you have a woman of Rosie’s size and strength vs a woman of Taylor’s side and speed. It’s shades of when Kong and Taylor would face off, although Rosie’s nowhere near Kong’s league. I’m much more interested in what a match would be like between Sarita and Taylor Wilde. Their styles are so similar, a bout between the two would no doubt be exciting. Being a fan of both I’d be hard pressed to choose who I’d want to win. My only complaint is this feud being stuck on Xplosion, where fans outside of the U.S. can’t keep up with it (except if they’re following Diva Dirt, of course!) I’ve heard TNA plans on putting Xplosion on Thursday nights before or after Impact. I wouldn’t mind this at all. Lets hope they continue to build this feud before settling it in the ring.

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