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TNA Impact Spoilers: July 15th, 2010

Spoilers for Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact are below:

* They showed Taylor Wilde and Sarita brawling all over backstage. Neither one has the upper hand as the video ends. They brawl into the Impact Zone and then to ringside. It’s a really good brawl. Wilde tosses Sarita into the first row and chokes her with a purse strap. She chokes out Sarita to get the win, so it was some sort of unannounced hardcore bout.

* Backstage, Madison Rayne is acting like she’s above Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky. Velvet gets angry and storms off.

* Madison Rayne comes out to protest the referee’s decision at the PPV. She says TNA has seven days to give her the belt back or she will sue TNA. The Beautiful People come out and demand an answer as to why Rayne has recruited the motorcycle woman without their permission. Rayne calls Sky a dumb blonde. Sky responds in time. Velvet threatens to kick Rayne’s a** when TNA Knockouts champ Angelina Love comes outt. She says Sky was the one driving the bike which Sky denies and storms backstage, telling Love that Rayne is all hers. Rayne demands her title. Love and Rayne begin fighting. The motorcycle woman arrives and helps Rayne. Love is left beaten down and Rayne leaves with the Motorcycle woman. (Source: PWInsider)

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