SmackDown Spoilers: July 16th, 2010

Spoilers for Friday’s episode of SmackDown are below. Click ‘show’ to read:

* Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters vs. Layla and Trent Baretta. Rosa came out distracting the Dudebusters and Masters took them out. Kelly pinned Layla with the rocker dropper. The guys did not tag in. Very short match. (Source: PWInsider)
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  • Jordan

    Not expecting much, but it got the job done. The pairing doesn’t really make sense, but the men are having a new feud and the women had a feud so I guess there is some logic.

    Interesting that Rosa came out to distract them, very interesting. And “Rocker Dropper” is the K2 I believe, or an X Factor she did last week on Superstars, can’t remember.

    Well this gives Kelly the momentum going in, can’t wait for Sunday.

  • xMissxBellax

    Rocker Dropper is the K2. Rocker Dropper is a popular name for the move. The move was the finisher of Marty Jannetty.

  • Glen

    I really hope K2 wins. I know she isn’t the best choice to hold the WWE Womens Championship, but honestly I am quite bored of laycool having the title. They have had it for a good year now (including Michelles reigns) and it is rather boring. In a way I find Raw more enjoyable because they move forward and give the title to unexpected people like Ms. Fox. Maybe if after this Laycool start to turn against each other in new gimmick that would be fine, but with their gimmick, to continuously be champion is getting tired and old.

  • rico

    i dont think rosa intentionally distracted them. i think it was just rosa being her ditzy self and came out trying to prove that she could be flawless but of course it distracted the guys because she is hot and layla may have been like wtf is this chick out here jumping rope

  • xADR7

    what’s the rocker dropper? and who is Trent Baretta? xd

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I really, REALLY, do NOT want Kelly Kellt to hold the Womans Championship. that belt has so much respect and she does not deserve the honour as of yet, I’d much prefer her to hold the Divas Championship. That belt should be a sign of who MAY be holding the womens championship in the next coming years, which Kelly would suit perfectly – I honestly dont think shes worthy of a title yet =/.


    @xADR7 the Rocker Dropper is the K2 and Trent Barretta is part of the Dubebusters with Caleyn Croft

  • SoRandy4Rosa

    i agree with Rico, I doubt my girl Rosa will be getting a face turn

  • Looking Glass

    I don’t see why everyone is working themselves up so much to what essential is a fobbed off match to go easy on them for the PPV. It is random booking, but at least its not LayCool vs. Blondetourage again, so it’s a silver lining.

    As far as Rosa’s concerned, why does she have to be face because she’s been picked on by LayCool? Heels dislike other heels too, I mean by all means she could be a face now, but if anything it could be Rosa attempting to help Layla to get into LayCool, but ends up distracting Dudebusters (like she did with Zack Ryder) Plus as far as the men are concerned, I’m glad they’re using people like Masters and Dudebusters, who have potential but have no build up. Hopefully this will mean Kelly Kelly doesn’t win, however you never know what WWE is going to do these days in the PG era.

  • MariaKanellislover

    I agree with rico. But I agree with AjLeefAn to cause AJ Lee is turning heel on FCW that might be the beggining for her WWE Debut, Rosa turns face and AJ Lee comes to the WWE as heel. I would like to see Rosa as face for sometime! In OVW and FCW and in her WWE Debut till now she has been Heel. So I really want Rosa to turn face. Plus I like the Ideia of AJ Lee being Heel cause after like one year of training, we’ve never seen AJ Lee as heel and I wanna what she is capable on Heel side. ( Im not doubting her, but ok).This may be the start of A Feud with Lay-Cool and Rosa, With Kelly and Tiffany helping Rosa on her matches ETC….

    The Rocker Dropper is the K2!

  • Envy

    A mixed tag match… really?


    Heres A FAN REPORT
    Rosa Mendez was skipping rope down the aisle, which caught the attention of both Dudebusters. Layla started yelling at all three and Kelly hit the pseudo rocker dropper for the win

    so it seems Rosa wasnt distracting Layla just doing what shes been doing and it distracted the Dudebusters and Layla got mad at them then kelly hits the K2 for the win.
    K2 MITB

  • Kaledrina

    “Oh and boooo at K2 picking up the victory”

    but kellly getting the win, means she’s more likely now to lose at the ppv ;)

    sounds like a shit week, but was expecting it… last week’s action was a week too early.

  • 041293

    Laykavoolee? Weird name. I can’t see AJ as a heel quite honestly. She looks too nice and sprightly. She doesn’t have that heel look to her, but I hope that she can prove me wrong.

  • mah

    if the rocker dropper isnt the k2 so it must be the x-factor because thts the only new move she did recently


    @mah it is the K2

  • Justin0422

    I like the rocher dropper and I do hope Rosa turns face and I hope Kelly wins at the ppv and the haters are just trying to make themselves feel better by saying she won the tag match so she will lose at the ppv. That’s bs so I can’t wait until Kelly wins so everyone gets pissed off ;)

  • Looking Glass

    Urgh ‘haters’ no one can have an opinion without being branded a hater. All in all, Kelly Kelly holding the Women’s title would be like a 10 month old winning a Nobel Peace Prize, it wouldn’t look right and she’s just not ready.

  • theregoeskitty

    i think they mean she pins Layla with the K2, since Kelly uses it like every week lol

    i don’t really understand what Rosa was doing there
    it’ll be interesting to see who wins sunday,

  • imj1995

    You know what’s funny…how Aj Lea and Kelly are about the same age and Aj wrestles circles around Kelly.

    This sounds like a very randomn match something raw would do, but I hope Layla is dominating the whole match and the Rosa distraction dosent happen this Sunday.

    Anyone else want to see Sereana and Aj battle for the number one contender spot?

  • Justin0422

    @Looking Glass Kelly with the women’s championship would look damn right and good I can completely see her with it and if Layla is ready for the women’s championship so is Kelly they came from the extreme expose days (which I loved) and became good wrestlers but Kelly was on RAW longer than Layla so she didn’t get to try new moves now on smackdown kelly is improving again and becoming a great performer, Layla has been on smachdown way longer and she has improved. They started out the same way Layla wrestled a little before ECW but if she can win the title so can Kelly. And Aj Lee is heel now so if you want her to debut Kelly has to win.

  • xAzureSkye

    @layglamacool the Rocker Dropper is the K2..

    i totally think this was just a last minute thing tossed together.. Rosa’s random face turn what the hell?! i guess that means AJ Lee is a heel now :/ well at least it builds up something decent towards MITB

  • Joel Williams

    It is not really a random face turn that WWE have put together for AJ Lee’s arrival. You have to consider that Lay-Cool made Rosa cry and insulted her therefore she has a right to be angry. I do believe that it is slightly put in place for the arrival of AJ Lee but I don’t think that it is the main reason.

    As for this match as a whole I think it was a terrible idea.

  • LaceyVonErichFan


    Actually alicia can feud with eve and gail on raw and then finally we can see gail get the title she deserves because if melina went to RAW then they ruin everything because RAW doesnt need melina if they have alicia,gail,eve,natalya and jillian, they need her on smackdown plus if layla retains then this mean she’ll keep feuding with kelly but beth phoenix wont be back until 4-5 months so WWE wouldnt give layla that big of a reign, but i agree on helping morrison against Ted & Maryse , since she was feuding with maryse before she got injured, so its a 50/50.

  • Looking Glass

    “They came from the extreme expose days (which I loved) and became good wrestlers but Kelly was on RAW longer than Layla so she didn’t get to try new moves now on smackdown kelly is improving again and becoming a great performer, Layla has been on smachdown way longer and she has improved. They started out the same way Layla wrestled a little before ECW but if she can win the title so can Kelly. And Aj Lee is heel now so if you want her to debut Kelly has to win.”

    By that logic then Hornswoggle would’ve been WWE champion because him and Sheamus are both from Ireland, so they began in the same place. I can see positives to Kelly Kelly, but wrestling is not one of them, working the crowd? Yes. Appealing to casual viewers? Check. Championship material for a belt that’s been going for years? Negative. Layla had improved so much more AND had less ring time on Raw, so you can’t say the fact Layla got traded improved her, it just meant she got more screentime, although Kelly Kelly is barely missed out anyway, because she’s seen as the 15-40 year olds dream woman. Layla also had Michelle to hook onto so her win was believable because of Michelle’s talent (which they’re still using with the co-champion angle) and also the way in which Layla won the belt.

    Its taken Kelly like five years to cut a decent promo and her ring work isn’t that good, if Blondes weren’t seen as so ideal to men, then Kelly would’ve been out on her ear a long time ago. Also AJ Lee will debut regardless of Kelly Kelly, newcomers aren’t always pushed for the title, some work their way up.

    Also I heard that the WWE give Beth 2 months until she’s clear to return, afterall she was only off like 5 months in the first place and that was ages ago.