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Raw Redux (July 19, 2010): The Champ Isn’t Here

After losing yet another title match at Money in the Bank, Eve Torres is set out to redeem herself against former Divas champion, Maryse. Check out the match below:

Out first is Eve in her orange and gold gear from Money in the Bank. Unlike my colleagues, I really like this color on her. The gold is a bit much, but I think she looks great. Next out is Maryse, who is being accompanied my Ted Dibiase. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Ted DiBiase is bland as all get out and Maryse is really outshining him in this pairing. I’m actually having trouble distinguish which of them is the eye candy here.

Before the match starts, Maryse removes her expensive jewelry (Why did you wear it to the ring in the first place?) and gets in Eve’s face in her usual arrogant fashion. Apparently, Eve isn’t in the mood for Maryse attitude tonight, so she piefaces her to kick things off. Eve tries to capitalize but is taken down by a kick to the gut and a slap to the face. Maryse then kicks Eve towards the ropes and chokes her out from behind.

While Maryse is pummeling poor Eve, Ted makes sure to let the commentary team and that Maryse is NOT a golddigger (very convincing) and that this is also a #1 contender’s match. Good to know… halfway into the match. *Sigh*

Maryse leveled Eve with a couple of stiff forearms, followed by an Irish Whip to the corner. Maryse rushes in, but Eve hits a elbow to the face and a kick to the side of the head. Immediately, Eve goes for the pin and at two Maryse gets her foot on the bottom rope. Despite this, the referee still counts for three and Eve wins #1 contendership… again.

Obviously upset at his woman’s loss, Teddy Jr storms the ring and gets in the referee’s face, trying to tell him about Eve’s stolen win. Not willing to see a referee be senselessly verbally abused, John Morrison is out to the rescue. A fight ensued and the Divas fade into the background… during their own match!

Dismal night for the red brand this week, after a strong showing at Sunday’s PPV and for several reasons. First of all, we’ve seen this match a hundred times before and it hasn’t really been good most of the time, so why are we having it again?

Secondly, why is Eve being given a third title shot after losing clean to Alicia not once, but twice!? Isn’t it about time someone else got a shot at the belt? I don’t think it’s ever been so obvious that the Raw brand’s roster needs to be filled out.

Third, why did Eve get the win despite Maryse having her foot on the rope? This is such a classic heel tactic, which leaves me to believe that this was a mistake on the referee’s part. I hope that next week our mysterious GM reverses this decision or at least gives Maryse a rematch.

Last, but certainly not least, where the hell was the Divas champ, Alicia Fox. After scoring a big win at Money in the Bank, you’d think she’d make an appearance at the following Raw, right? I’d would have loved to see her come out and show the ref that Maryse had her foot on the rope, keeping her from facing Eve yet again. Even a simple interview would have done the trick. A major oversight on WWE’s part.

At the end of the day, this Diva match was just poorly veiled attempt to put over the DiBiase/JoMo feud. It’s so sad that the Divas can’t have so much as a decent match without the male competitors being inserted into it. I’d like to say I’m keeping hope alive for next week, but that a blatant lie.

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