Raw Response: July 19th, 2010

Get your Monday night Divas fix by tuning in to Raw tonight at 9pm ET on the USA Network.

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  • ozzyv

    This is so annoying..Maryse already has something to do. She’s with Ted, regardless of how boring he is, atleast they’re paired together. She’s not needed in the Title picture, especially with those horrible wrestling skills of hers.

    Well the night is not over yet, I hope they give Alicia a backstage brawl or something.

  • Alex

    what took evan so long

  • daemonicwanderer317

    Looks like someone forgot to tell Evan he was wrestling…

    Seems like Maryse vs Eve was just to get in a Morrison/DiBiase fight. I do wish DiBiase would get one over a Morrison, just for something different.


    How did I know it was going to be Evan Bourne in the match before he even came out? He didn’t even know he was going to be in the match! I’m psychic.

  • Bdawg0701

    Evan realizes he’s facing Shaemus again.

  • daemonicwanderer317

    *over on not over a.

  • Skylar

    evan=so freakin sexy

  • Kaledrina

    it’s a little known fact that the raw directly after a ppv is sucky, but this took the bicsuit.

    i don’t understand the point of the maryse foot on rope spot, unless it means they’ll be going for a triple threat angle at summerslam, alicia vs eve vs maryse? it’ll be a way of giving maryse back the belt in anticipation of melina’s return, without them having a full on heel vs heel feud, i guess?

    surprised the gm didn’t quickly email in and demand a rematch for next week, tbh lol.

  • e.beautyy

    so i’m thinking mixed tag next week
    jomo/eve vs. teryse .

  • ozzyv

    I think Evan was taking a little too long getting dressed for the match. When he was in the ring he was still getting it together. But damn! He’s really fast and has got some mad skills! Where’s the darned Cruiserweight Championship when you need it?!

    And I’m watching SoyTuDuena…runs and hides…”don’t judge me either please..”

  • I <3 Maryse

    I understand why Maryse lost and I knew she was going to but that was a really sucky way to end that match. I wish Eve was out of the title picture, why not put Gail in? Eve isn’t ready yet and I know she’s getting a lot better. That match wasn’t as bad as previous bouts between them. It sounded like Eve kicked her head off at the end lol. I think something will happen because of that because it’s very unMaryse-like to not say something about something like that. If not, then that match was completely pointless. I noticed Eve got a nice pop for shutting Maryse’s face at the beginning too. That was nice to hear her getting a reaction.

  • Jayd211

    it kinda sucks for gail and nattie that eve is #1 contender again but its not really a shock when creative gets high on diva they are always in the title picture i mean look at mccool on smackdown and really this previous mini feud with alicia/eve is the first divas title feud that maryse hasnt been a part of since she first won it (outside of when she was out on injury)

  • Alex

    thank u k-kwik

  • Jayd211

    i really hope r truth doent ruin the miz’s chance at cashing in the money in the bank let the mi lose the us title to someone and then cash in his mitb

  • ozzyv

    Aww that sucks!! I was getting into it and then R-Truth kills it! Arrgghhh

  • Tanzie

    Maybe there be a tag team match with them at summer slam? oh wait never mind.

  • daemonicwanderer317

    Sooo… R-Truth is back. Does that mean either the US Title or the MITB briefcase might end up being wagered in a match?

    I’m still confused with Maryse/Eve match.

    But it is nice to see that Teddy and Maryse are actually being booked like a “real” couple. I sorta thinking that Teryse/Mariase are going to be a bit like Triple H/Stephanie.

    BTW: I found it hilarious that Maryse and Eve were practically the same color (and Eve is Latina… Maryse isn’t). In fact a lot of people are hella-tanned tonight.

  • e.beautyy

    was that aj ?

  • Jayd211

    ok that was a waste of gail

  • ozzyv

    Errr..um…well there she is..Gail Kim and The Bellas laughing at Shameus..

  • daemonicwanderer317

    That was Gail I believe. This is what Gail was doing while Eve and Maryse were skipping her for a title shot.

  • Jayd211

    @daemonic maryse could have taken a couple coats of that tanner and gave it to sheamus cuz he was awful bright tonite lol

  • e.beautyy

    oh nah, it was probably gail ..

  • sugarrush28

    Thank you Tanzie. I’m always getting judge for watching Degrassi cause I am a 29 yr old man. so apparently I shouldn’t be watching it lol.

  • sugarrush28

    Leave Sheamus alone lol