SmackDown Redux (July 23rd, 2010): “Skirt Tiffany?!”

Following a successful pay per view title defense last Sunday at Money in the Bank, Women’s Champion Layla relaxed this week on SmackDown as she was thrown a celebratory party by BFF, Michelle McCool. Watch below:

After exchanging gifts, which miraculously end up being two halves of one pendant [they're psychic apparently], in comes GM Teddy Long to announce that Layla will defend the Women’s Title next week against Tiffany, or as she’s now dubbed, ‘Skirt Tiffany’.

Despite being a short segment, I can’t even lie — I cracked up on more than one occasion. First at ‘Skirt Tiffany?!’ and then the Teddy-isms. Very funny. Again, Layla’s comic timing is perfect. I find her extremely enjoyable to watch in these little skits.

As for the match between Tiffany and Layla next week… wow! What a fast turnaround for Tiffany from wrestling debut to title shot. I think she’s worked really hard over the past few months, had consistently good performances in the ring and I look forward to seeing her wrestle Layla. Do I think she will win? Probably not, but it’s nice to see her being given an opportunity. She’s no worse than Kelly, Alicia, Eve or Maryse, who have all been in the title picture in the WWE of late, so why not?

My only gripe is that I tend to feel there should be some storyline development leading to a title shot i.e. a No.1 Contender’s Match or a battle royal. It is quite random that Tiffany is just granted a title shot, especially so soon after Kelly’s. Perhaps this will be a pit-stop leading to Kelly getting a rematch? We’ll see how it plays out last week.

Nothing more to really write about SmackDown this week. I enjoyed the humour of the segment, though.

If you want to see this week’s obligatory ‘Rosa in Training’ segment, click here. Not even worth discussing, to be honest.

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  • I <3 Maryse

    “Skirt Tiffany!?” lmao. I love Layla, she’s so funny, especially when she was so dramatic when she was trying to read her half of the necklace. Loved the little dance-thing they did too. I don’t like random title matches though…especially because if they’re that random, the title changes hands(see Eve vs Maryse)

  • The_Eric

    @JJ good idea, but the replicas are SOOOOO different from the real ones…the strap on my replica was shit until I got it releathed and while the plates kind of look the same, they also look really different…i knew they looked kind of different, but then I saw the close up of them on the video and my little bubble was burst…I know that in reality they are using the HD and the non HD belts, but there should have been some sort of explination…they could have used it as an opportunity to sell the replicas though…

  • Jennifer

    “Skirt Tiffany” LMAO. I love these women. Too funny!

  • darkmarvel

    “Skirt Tiffany”? Maybe someone could explain the inside joke because that went over my head.

  • Mr. Glamazon

    God I mark out for these two…I’m not even embarrassed to admit that. I hope Beth gets well soon but Layla and Michelle have helped fill the void left by the Fabulous Firebird.

  • Envy

    They’ve called her Skirt Tiffany for a while, haven’t they? Like, when they were on commentary for Kelly vs. Rosa a while back, they were joking about Skirt Tiffany getting “hurt” in her “skirt”. And in my opinion, Rosa Mendes is like the hottest of the hot of hotness.

  • johnnythunderstorm

    HA! I’m a massive Tiffany mark but I still cracked up at “Skirt Tiffany” and Layla’s comments (“seriously who wears a skirt to the ring?”)

    Also marked out for their demonstration of how to say “real talk” the Lay-Cool way :P

    Rosa’s little training segments are actually quite good. They make me pay attention to all the obligatory “walking around backstage” bits just to see if i can spot her. Plus, she’s freakin’ adorable :)

    Fingers crossed for a great match next week. We’ve seen before that LayCool/Blondetourage can deliver, let’s see if they can do it next week.

  • mah

    as usual..Flawless segment,and for rosa..i wish they stick her with big show or something it will help her alot
    cant wait for next week’s match cause i love seeing tiffany in ring work…hopefully wwe dont rune it as they did with all our previous “cant wait” moments

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Im so looking fwd 2 tiff title match i think she deserves it for her hard wrk these past months nd a womens title shot will make her shine even more….

  • art1e

    love lay shes got charisma but michelles voice kills the moment for me…

    tiffany will lose next week or layla will get dq’ed from michelle & that leads to a brawl & rosa comes out & tries to help lay-cool but it miss fires kelly & tiffany leave together while rosa leaves looking sorry while lay-cool look pissed…

  • Jack5326

    Nice little segment this week! II can’t wait for the match next week, I think Tiff and Layla will put on a great match given 5+ minutes!

  • wweandtnadivafan

    anyone not notice that michelle mccool thought she was going to face layla next week!?

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Never knew a 2minute segment with LayCool could be better than watch Maryse Vs. Eve over on Raw xD.
    Lovin’ LayCool more&more each week :P.
    LayCool > TBP easy :P

  • melinafan1998

    mm, i honestly have a feeling tiffany might actually win this match? Laycool are hilarious. This segments amazing for such a short time. I love laylas face at the end! :L

  • ebmich

    I really wish Layla was someone who could atleast change the tone in her voice. Or at least facial expressions so she doesn’t look like she got some sniff botox. I think Jillian and Layla would be perfect as a team. Layla gets the little things to make the bigger things seem that much more important and JIllian knows how she should character.

    It sucks too cuz you can tell that they are trying, but should NOT be anywhere pushed as hard as she is. She does NOT have that “It” factor you need to be a star in the WWE. If nothing else, more people in this thread at praising Layla and not even mentioning Michelle.

  • crazyinsane11

    I’m predicting that Tiff will lose next week, and at SummerSlam (or maybe just on SmackDown) LayCool will defend their Co-Women’s Titles against Blondetourage in a tag match. Actually I’m counting on it!

    And, yes Rosa is a face now. That makes me happy :)

  • RangerDeon

    I agree. They should have gave her a No. 1 contender’s match.
    I like Tiffany but she hasn’t had a match to earn it yet…she hasn’t been in a match in a while. :/