Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Melina Comments on Raw Return

The returning A-List Diva, Melina wrote a lengthy blog on her comeback to Raw last Monday night. A brief excerpt below:

As I have said on Twitter, the night I came back I sat backstage listening to the people walk in as the doors opened for the show. I heard the arena come alive and I was so excited and nervous. I knew I was going to give the world everything I am…. and I thought about how I watched wrestling for so long as a fan at home; I thought about the first time I stepped into a wrestling ring…. how I worked Indy shows…. went to try outs for the WWE hoping to one day work for them. Then, the day I found out I got a contract; the first time I debuted in the WWE, had a match, won a title, competed in my first Wrestlemania….. all the moments that led me to now; all those moments that gave me butterflies. The night of my return I got the butterflies again. That moment was just as meaningful as all the others if not more.

It’s definitely good to have Melina back and I’m eager to see what happens next when Raw is once again live this coming Monday.

Check out the full blog here.

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