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Raw Redux (August 23, 2010): Three Champions, Two Belts, One Offer

Last week, Jillian managed to score her first win in almost a year, pinning Eve in a 6 Diva tag match. As a reward for her hard earned win, WWE decided to give her a shot at the Divas Championship against Melina on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Will The Shrill Songstress be able to pull out the win over The Paparazzi Princess? Check out the match below and find out:

We come to ring after commercial to find Jillian in the ring with her ever-present headset. She lets everyone in attendance know that she’s about to become Divas Champion once again, before torturing serenading us all with her own rendition of “Not Afraid” by Eminem, prompting Michael Cole to start singing as well. Kill me now… Fortunately for us, Melina’s music hits, cutting Jillian’s performance short. Melina makes her way to the ring in her usual extravagant fashion and the referee rings the bell, signaling the start of the match.

The two start off with a lock-up with Jillian getting the upperhand and pushing Melina to ropes, forcing a break. Surprisingly, Jillian breaks clean but goes right back on the attack with a stiff forearm. Jillian tries to follow up but is stopped in her tracks by a headscissor/heel kick combo from the champion. Melina tries to keep the heat on Jillian with a kick to the gut but is caught and pulled down into a painful looking split. Jillian goes to kick Melina in the back, but the A-List Diva ducks the attempt and lands a kick of her own, sending Jillian across the ring and into the ropes.

Melina sees an opportunity while Jillian is laid out across the ropes and charges across the ring, looking for her flying double knee strike. Unfortunately for Melina, Jillian has the champ scouted well and ducks the attack, sending Melina flying across the ring. Before Melina can collect herself, Jillian is on the attack again, this time snatching the champ up by her hair and smashing her against her knee. Jillian immediately goes for the pin, but only gets a one count.

A frustrated Jillian cinches in a modified surfboard submission before taking the name of said submission to another level, using Melina as an actual surfboard. Jillian grabs Melina from behind, but the champ reverses it, sending Jillian face first into the mat. Melina tries to get back in control with a forearm, followed by a flying face plant for a near fall. Melina tries to whip Jillian into the corner but Jillian turns it around sending to the turnbuckle instead. Melina manages to leapfrog over Jillian before making impact, but Jillian comes bursting out of the corner, unceremoniously taking the champ down.

Jillian pulls Melina to her feet, drags her near the turnbuckle and pulls her to the canvas once more, setting her up for a Matt Hardy-esque leg drop off the 2nd rope. Melina sees it coming and moves out of way just in time, leaving Jillian to stumble around the ring, clutching her butt in pain. Melina takes advantage of the situation, climbing Jillian’s back and hitting a perfect Last Call for the win.

Melina celebrates her win in the ring, but the party is cut short when BFF Co-Women’s Champions, LayCool appear on the TitanTron. The Flawless Ones let Melina know that they’ll be present at the the 900th episode of Raw next week and they have an offer she simply cannot refuse. I wonder what it could be? But more on that later.

When I heard that Melina and Jillian were facing off this week, I was not expecting the best match. Let’s face it, these two Divas put on several train wreck matches last year during their brief feud. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised at the match these two put on. It was far from a wrestling clinic, but it was their best match against each other to date and one of the more impressive singles matches we’ve seen on the red brand in the past few months. Some may complain that the match was a bit on the short side, but considering the history these two Divas have with each other, I really didn’t expect them to get that much time in the ring. All in all, a solid match from these veteran Divas.

The other big story here is LayCool’s offer for Melina at next week’s Raw. There’s been much speculation about what exactly the BBFs will be offering. Everything from title unification (NOOOOOO!!!!) to a spot in LayCool’s faction has been brought up. Honestly, I don’t have any theories that haven’t already been explored. We’ll just have to wait until next week to see what this offer is, but I will say this: I will be sooooo pissed if the titles get unified (not that WWE cares what the fans think or anything).

In other news, after dropping the ball last week, there was yet another disturbing exchange between the Samoan Beauty, Tamina and Santino. Prepare to be skeeved out:

Long story short, after losing to Santino and Vladimir Kozlov, one of the Usos tries to attack Santino. Lucky for Santino, Tamina comes to the rescue, calling off her cousin and helping The Milan Miracle to his feet. Before escorting her charges to the back, Tamina gives Santino a nice, long, awkward and disturbing stare before blowdarting (yes, you read that correctly) a kiss at Santino. Erm… ok?

I honestly have no idea where this angle between Santino and Tamina is going, but I cant say I’m excited to find out. I mean, the last time Santino got involved with a Diva, we got Santina… Need I say more?

Last, but not least, Maryse wore a really fugly dress…

I have to say, I was satisfied with this week’s Raw. We got decent progression in the LayCool/Melina storyline, as well as the Tamina/Santino angle, which is more than I can say for last week. After LayCool’s announcement tonight, I’m sure every Diva fan is on pins and needles waiting for next week’s Raw. Let’s just hope it lives up to all of the hype.

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