Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Tentative Schedule for NXT 3: Five Weeks Long?

Based on Syfy’s scheduling for NXT season three, it looks like this may be a ‘mini-season’ of five weeks. NXT will wrap up its run on Syfy on October 1st, the same day that SmackDown premieres on the network.

Unless the show moves to another network or online at WWE.com after October 1st, NXT 3’s season finale will air prior to the SmackDown premiere.

Here’s the tentative schedule:

– Tuesday, September 7th at 10pm ET (season premiere)
– Tuesday, September 14th at 10pm ET
– Tuesday, September 21st at 10pm ET
– Tuesday, September 28th at 11pm (one hour pushback)
– Friday, October 1st at 7pm ET (season finale)

With talk that the SmackDown season premiere will live on Oct. 1st, it’s conceivable that the NXT finale could be live also at 7pm.

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