Monday, June 21, 2021

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SHIMMER Volume 34 Taping Results Live from Berwyn, Illinois

Diva Dirt is on hand at this weekend’s SHIMMER festivities in Berwyn, Illinois where the company will be taping four volumes worth of footage. Keep checking back throughout the weekend for exclusive news, results and more.

Below are taping results for SHIMMER Volume 34.

1. Kellie Skater def. Jamilia Craft with a running neck snap.

2. Melanie Cruise def. Leva Bates with a modified Cruise Control. Leva was dressed as Iron Man. She even had a mask.

3. Nikki Roxx def. Misaki Ohata with the Barbie Crusher.

4. Daffney def. Neveah with a cheap roll up. Short match. Daffney is very over.

5. Veronika Vice def. Allison Danger with a roll up whole holding the tights. Veronika, who escaped from a time capsule this weekend, impressed.

6. Tenille def. Daizee Haze in a very quick match after Daizee Haze seemed to suffer a neck injury.

Main event announced as Ayumi Kurihara vs Madison Eagles.

7. The Canadian Ninjas def. Rachel & Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Chmpionships. Good back and forth match. At one point we thought Portia as injured. Total fakeout. Ending came when Daffney distracted Rachel long enough for Nicole to roll her up.

Nakagawa vs Melissa next.

8. Melissa def. Tomoka Nakagawa with the kudo driver. At one point, on the outside, Melissa slammed Tomoka head first into the guardrail in front of DD’s Jennifer, Eric and Steven!

Next out is Serena who talks about how great it feels to be back. She puts over SHIMMER and the other girls. But out comes Portia… Portia confronts Serena about selling out for a paycheck. Fantastic exchange! Vol. 35 will see these two go at it. Cannot say how great this was!

Tenille comes back out for another match, this time against Athena. Great opportunity for Athena. This will probably replace Tenille vs Daizee which was taped earlier, as it seems Daizee was hurt.

9. Tenille def. Athena via submission. Athena deserves all the hype. This woman is insanely good even at this young age.

Next is a three-way match: Sara Del Rey v Jessie McKay v Hamada. One hell of a rematch! TNA is wasting Hamada, she’s funny and over as hell!

10. Jessie McKay def. Sara Del Rey & Hamada. Incredible three-way! McKay hits the Boyfriend Stealer on Del Rey for the win! There could be a title shot in McKay’s future after that win.

Main event of Kurihara vs Eagles for title next.

11. Madison Eagles def. Ayumi Kurihara to retain the SHIMMER Championship. Intense 15 minute match with several near falls! Madison retains just barely.

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