Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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Results from Manami Toyota’s US Debut at CHIKARA in Baltimore

Diva Dirt reader, David, sent in the following results from Japanese legend, Manami Toyota’s US debut tonight in Baltimore for CHIKARA:

Manami came out to a HUGE pop. All the streamers were thrown in for her. (Daizee got tied up in one and flipped out). Manami dominates the first few minutes with some submissions holds including a muta lock. Daizee chops her and hits her with knees but Toyota was unfazed and smacks her half-way across the ring. Daizee tries faking an injury but Toyota had none of it. Haze hits the Mind Trip to gain control. They both go for pinfalls (including a rolling back cradle that I’ve NEVER seen before). Manami gets back control but misses a dropkick through the ropes and Daizee hits a suicide crossbody. Afterwards they go back and forth with top rope attacks, bridging suplexes and the crowd chants, “This is awesome!” Daizee then gets cocky and falls prey to the Japenese Ocean Cyclone Suplex which ends the match.

Manami stands in the ring with everybody chanting, “Please come back.” I taunted Daizee after the match who told me to shut up (which was one of the highlghts of the evening). She was signing autographs after the show and suprisingly knew a good amount of English. I asked her if we would see more of her in the US in the future. She said she hopes so.

Toyota’s US debut weekend continues tomorrow in Brooklyn, NY when she teams with Mike Quackenbush to take on Claudio Castagnoli and Sara Del Rey. Diva Dirt will be on hand.

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