Saturday, June 19, 2021

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Results from SCWA All-Cage Match Show Last Night featuring ODB and Mickie James

Diva Dirt reader Paul sent in the following results from last night’s SCWA event in Wentworth, North Carolina. The event featured a line-up made up solely of cage matches. The women’s match featured ODB vs Persephone vs Kristen Flake in a triple threat match with former Diva, Mickie James, as guest referee.

Paul writes:

Tonight I attended an event hosted by SCWA in Wentworth, North Carolina. This was a night of cage matches. The one women’s match was a triple threat match between ODB, Persephone, and Kristen Flake, with special referee Mickie James. The winner would become the first SCWA Women’s Champion. During her entrance, Persephone literally brought a young fan to tears by grabbing away her sign. Sad, but super heel. The match was decent, but there weren’t any really memorable spots. Well, ODB spit “booze” from her flask in somebody’s face. The match, and title, was won by Persephone. She slipped out of the cage door while ODB was climbing over the top. Afterwards, Mickie James attacked Persephone because…well, I’m not sure why, but it got a big pop from the fans. Fans also popped for ODB’s antics.

My memory of the match is probably tainted by the rest of the show, which was slow, sloppy, and indulgent. Although it started at seven, the main event, Christopher Daniels vs. Adam Page for the SCWA men’s title (a match which rocked) did not start until nearly midnight. Meanwhile, athletes were double and even triple booked, the general manager/promoter involved himself in not one but two matches (one as a ref, another as a “wrestler”), and the same cage spots were repeated match after match. I would have left at intermission (after the women’s match) had Daniels not been on the card. Oh well, they can’t all be gems.

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