Former WWE Diva Becomes MMA Dancer

Former WWE Diva, Savannah aka Angela Fong has joined MMA organisation, Xtreme Fighting Championships, as a dancer in the XFC Cage Dolls.

Angela, who was released from her contract in June made the announcement via her Twitter page, adding that she would be heading to Greece in October for her first performance.

XFC has aired some fights on HDNet, which is also the home of King of the Cage. Fellow former Diva, Maria Kanellis, is part of the KOTC broadcast team.

Good luck to Angela in her new career path!

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    good for angela, glad she is doing well, :)

  • madslam2009

    Good for her

  • darkmarvel

    WOW!!!!!!!!! All that training and work with the WWE just to become a dancer somewhere else?

  • Juniper

    @darkmarvel shows you where actual job prospects lie.

    Anyway her release by WWE was a shame as she was miscast not being a wrestler on WWE TV.

  • KiKi

    I just met her last night at the gym I go to, she is beautiful in person. I’m happy for her. =)

  • TommyStarstruck

    As long as she’s happy-

    but she’s a great wrestling talent…. It’s a shame that someone with so much talent won’t be seen.

  • RockinRed45Mvs

    This is awesome for her. I hope that she enjoys this job. I just didn’t know that she danced. She was a great wrestler for her short experience as one.

  • M-m-m

    Oh well, as long as she’s making bank and having fun it’s good, but it’s sad to see one of if not THE best model-to-wrestler project(s) WWE has ever produced never get a chance to actually wrestle on television.

  • bonepile

    Great News .. she is a very excellent dancer as can be seen in Jet Li’s film WAR. Glad she is keeping very busy. Miss her contribution to WWE, but know she is talented in other areas too.

  • cutymania

    EXHIBIT A: Angela Fong otherwise known as Savannah, a former WWE diva. Trained as a wrestler only to never have a tv match. Supposedly had passion and dedication and potential to be something great. Months after release would rather compete in bikini contests and dance in a cage. Shows where she would rather be doing with her life, wrestling now just looks so random on her resume. If she wasn’t going to do it for long, why accept the contract in the first place? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Please also check out exhibits B: Lena Yada, C: Candice Michelle, D: Kristal Marshall and plenty of other models turned wrestlers for a hot second. Yet people still worship these girls.

  • Wesley Romano

    Aww…Angela…from Wrestling to Dancing in a cage…color it anyway you want…its still just dancing in a cage, well she was one of my favorites in FCW i actually watched FCW just for her. But whatever girl gotta make hers!
    And whats wrong with Worshiping Candice Michelle?? SHES F***EN HOT!! XD
    Plus she was one of the best most liked Women’s Champions people actually were into the match cause she was smokin and on FIYA!!
    And Kristal is a housewife man…she was in TNA for a bit, shes so small yet she was weirdly one of the best underrated divas in her time. Lena never made it far…she was so damn cute man XD

  • Kaledrina

    “Months after release would rather compete in bikini contests and dance in a cage.”

    how do you know what she’d rather? people aren’t born with a pass into doing the job they really want to do..

    it’s nice to see her still getting work.

  • cutymania

    Well you JUST got released from the biggest wrestling company in the world, you’ve trained for like 2 years…wouldn’t you want to capitalize on it if wrestling was what you wanted to do? Even a one-off would be okay, at least you would be able to close a chapter that you’ve spent the past 2 years training and bumping your ass off. Otherwise what the hell was all the training for? You train just to get called up as a backstage interviewer and announcer, never wrestling on TV and now you just accept it and move on. Uh nuh, if something took so many years out of your life….

  • Matt

    I had hoped TNA would give her a look once her three months came up, but I’m guessing she’s going to be making significantly more as a cage dancer than what they’d be willing to pay her from everything we’ve heard about Knockout salaries. I’ll still miss her even if it was just a job to her. She was looking to be a damn fine wrestler there in the end.

  • Cyndi

    people should know she was a Canadian Football League cheerleader before she was a wrestler so its not necessarily a new career path just going back to her old one.

  • Juniper

    @cutymania your attitude is terrible. Like most wrestlers WWE probably sucked the ethusisam out of them as the most likely situation. Anyway what is the matter in getting into the profession of Pro Wrestling to make money, you are a mark in my view if you dont.