Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Melina, Sara Del Rey Weigh in on WWE Retiring Women’s Championship

Three-time WWE Women’s Champion, Melina is the latest former Women’s Champion to have her say over the Women’s Title being retired. In a heartfelt message, she wrote on her Twitter page last night:

Maybe I will get in trouble 4 saying this but it never stopped me before,right? A lovely friend once told me, whenever u feel down about yourself & your career, just look at this . I did. From Fabulous Moolah to this year…. So many incredible women who are true Champions…. Hall of Famers!!! Pioneers held that title! When I looked at that page…. It was an incredible honor to see my name up there with all of them. People who I am a fan of & have memories watching when I was younger.

I held that title and was always picturing all these women holding the same title. It was a dream come true knowing my heroes touched this championship too. Now it’s gone?

What a shame.

I’m a person that honors the past bcuz it’s made me who I am in the present. It’s a legacy to pass down for the future! Hall of Famers made that championship what it is. I feel like a piece of me as well as the memory of all the women who contributed to it’s greatness is being put to rest with it. It’s very heartbreaking. None of these women will EVER be forgotten in my heart. NEVER.

Meanwhile, answering a question on Formspring, independent wrestler Sara Del Rey said:

Yes it is sad. In many ways that was the most prestigious belt in all of womens wrestling.

Upon reading Sara’s comment, I was a little taken aback because of course, she hasn’t been in WWE or held the belt, but I really admire the respect she has for the Women’s Championship nonetheless.

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