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SmackDown Redux (October 1st, 2010): Lay-Cool Preview A Natalya Filled Future. They Are Not Amused.

Last week on SmackDown there wasn’t really any Diva action so the Redux took a week off. But this week it’s back. SmackDown officially made its highly anticipated move to the SyFy network and to kick that off the show aired live. The Divas took part in an 8-Diva tag match. The team consisting of Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Brie Bella, and Nikki Bella took on the team of Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, and Alicia Fox. Lets take a look at the action!

The heel girls are out first and all of them are looking oh so fierce. Lay-Cool lead the way while Maryse and Alicia trail behind. They do their usual posing in the ring and then the face team come out. They’re led by Natalya. The faces are all decked out pink and black, showing their unity, and once all the shenanigans die down Kelly and Alicia begin the match. Alicia strikes the first blow with a kick to Kelly’s mid-section. She follows it up with a suplex attempt but Kelly wiggles out, slaps Alicia in the back, and both girls take each other down with a clothesline. Alicia holds her head in pain and makes the tag to Maryse. Kelly does the same and goes to her corner where she tags in Natalya.

Natalya comes in and immediately takes Maryse down with a double underhook suplex. Maryse winces in pain but she does end up back on her feet. Nattie keeps on the suplex route and sends Maryse down an additional two times. The number one contender appears to be looking for a cover but Maryse is awkward and dazed, then lays down after Nattie yells at her. Nattie only manages a two count. Both women get up and Nattie locks Maryse in the Sharpshooter. Michelle flies into the ring and kicks the Calgary-native in the skull which basically forces her to relinquish the control she had on the match. She kicks her challenger out of the ring but when she turns around she’s met with a double drop kick thanks to the Bella twins! Alicia comes into the ring and sends one twin out while the other sends out McCool. Alicia then takes the other twin and sends her packing. Kelly’s not one to be left out of any kind of action so she mounts Alicia and begins to slamming her head into the mat. Alicia gets sent out of the ring, Kelly follows, Natalya tries to get back in, but Layla jerks her down.

Layla celebrates like she just won the World Cup and sprints around the ring to slap hands with Michelle. The ‘Cool definitely approves but all of a sudden a creepy little paw reaches out from underneath the ring and causes Layla to eat a face full of ring mat. Layla screams bloody murder as she starts to get sucked in underneath the ring and Michelle desperately tries to hang on to her friend. It’s life or death for our favorite British Diva. It’s so awful watching her suffer. Layla manages to escape but from underneath the ring comes a most revolting creature. He’s gross. He’s short. He’s a weirdo leprechaun. He is Hornswoggle and he sends Lay-Cool screaming. The ‘Lay takes off running around the ring and the grotesque little urchin happily follows her. Layla intentionally or unintentionally leads him right back to where they began and the glorious Unified Diva’s Champion is waiting. She lays the little troll out cold with a stuff kick to the chest. Lay-Cool embrace and laugh. Nattie springs through the ropes with a drop kick and Lay-Cool practically bust their faces.

Natalya is pleased with her efforts and spins around just in time for Maryse to set her up for a French Kiss DDT. Nattie isn’t having it and soon enough the French-Canadian bombshell is tapping to the Sharpshooter. The faces all come back to the ring and celebrate their victory. Lay-Cool are horrified by what has just transpired. Natalya versus Michelle will take place on Sunday at Hell In A Cell. So much to process. So little time.

Observations: Not to shabby of a match if you ask me. Normally multi-Diva tag team matches are a hot mess but this one came off pretty well. Every girl played their part and other than Maryse’s bad selling, everything looked great. As much as I despise Hornswoggle being involved with the Divas, it was worth it tonight to see Michelle kick the snot out of him. That little creature has had it coming forever and kudos to our UDC for doing the one thing all of us want to do. Kelly Kelly looked like a really scary Barbie and I’m so not digging Alicia’s new weave. It does not become her.

There’s not really much to say about tonight. As per usual, the Divas weren’t given a whole lot of time. We’ve come to expect that and accept it, but tonight they managed to have a fun match instead of a real crap one. Sunday’s match between Natalya and Michelle has all the potential in the world to be one of the best matches we’ve seen in a long time. Both girls are technically sound and there’s no doubt that Natalya is the best wrestler out of all the Divas. Michelle will definitely be able to hold her own and I hope and pray that the ‘E lets these two loose. I don’t foresee Natalya walking away with the championship but the outcome should not mar what is sure to be a grade A match from two of the best the WWE has to offer at this particular time.

Lets make sure we pray to the wrestling gods (JBL) this Sunday before Hell In A Cell for just that!

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