Monday, June 21, 2021

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Angelina Love Was ‘Skeptical’ Over Beautiful People Reunion

TNA Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love reveals that she was ‘skeptical’ over a babyface reunion with Velvet Sky in TNA, in a new interview with SLAM! Sports. She says:

“It’s been different working as a babyface. I was very skeptical at first, because it’s so easy to do that character as a heel. But the fans really accepted it, and they’ve been really happy about it, especially to have us going against Madison.”

Obviously, the reunion took off, scoring the highest rated segment on Impact the week it aired. However, often watching Impact and Reaction, it’s hard to tell who are the heels and who are the faces between Madison/Tara and Angelina/Velvet. If I was a new viewer and had no idea what was going on, I’d be hard pressed to know that Angelina/Velvet were the babyfaces in this feud, since they all act so similar with their potty mouths.

Angelina also commented on her future in wrestling:

“I know that I’m not going to be able to wrestle forever, that my body will one day not let me continue to do it,” she said. “But, my body is still moving, I’m not burned out on travel, and I still love it — it’s still fun. So I definitely want to keep doing it.”

“(My current contract goes) until the end of 2012, so I definitely want to be doing that,” she said about her longer-term plans. “Eventually, I definitely want to get into acting. I feel that I speak well, and I can play a good character.”

All in all, an insightful interview. You can check out the full piece here.

Angelina will, of course, be part of tonight’s live Impact broadcast at 9pm ET on Spike TV.

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