Thursday, June 17, 2021

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Lita Speaks on WWE Retiring Women’s Championship, Would Return to the Ring

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Lita aka Amy Dumas made an appearance on the In Your Head radio show last night and noted that she would return to the ring ‘just for fun’ and also gave her opinion on WWE retiring the Women’s Championship.

The four-time Women’s Champion said on the subject of the belt being retired: “It only means something when whoever the current wrestler is takes pride in making it mean something because I can’t say that Harvey Wippleman gave a lot of credit to the Women’s Title. [Laughs] Or you know… I could make a laundry list from there.”

“I mean, the only time that people really cared about the Women’s Title,” Dumas continues, “was when it was in a hot feud or when somebody took pride in making something out of it.”

When asked if she had thought about going back to wrestling, Dumas says: “I will say that recently I have a little bit, just for fun. I’m training for a personal training certification so I’m in pretty decent shape. My body feels really good, so I feel like I could. Not from a schedule perspective… I wouldn’t want to be on the road, but I would not be opposed to slapping somebody for fun or coming in and saying hello with a dropkick.”

You can listen to the full interview here, where Amy also talks about her send-off promo at Survivor Series 2006, whether WWE has approached her to return and also comments on Matt  Hardy’s latest Internet antics.

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