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PPV Predictions: TNA Bound for Glory 2010

TNA presents its biggest pay per view of the year tonight — Bound for Glory, featuring a fatal four-way for the Knockouts Championship. Who will come out on top? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Cryssi: You know, logic dictates that TNA will crown a new champion at this pay-per-view but who will that champion be? Angelina is the quote-unquote “golden girl” of the company and it would be fitting that she keeps the championship and goes on to feud with Mickie James over the next month. However, on TNA Reaction, Mickie spoke about the championship and apparently she’s under the assumption that Madison is the champion. It would not shock me to see TNA give Madison the title back just to make Mickie look like less of an idiot. In reality there is no way to fix her blunder, but TNA will think they can and give it back to Madison. Then there’s Tara. She’s the TNA queen of pointless, transitional title reigns so giving the belt to Tara not only gives some drama to the relationship of Madison/Tara but it gives Mickie a familiar, comfortable person to feud with in what’s sure to be her first TNA storyline. All these scenarios make sense, right? There’s holes in all of them but that doesn’t matter. Even the most virgin wrestling fan could handle all of those. So what will happen at Bound For Glory? Velvet Sky will win of course. And that will make this Alabama beauty a very happy camper. GO VEL VEL! It’s your time and you deserve it.

Eric: I am tempted to simply write “Who Cares” and move on. This is a result of the poor promotion and buzz that this match has been able to generate in the Internet wrestling community. On paper, this feud looks amazing. Will Vel Vel face off against Angelina? Will Tara give Madison the Widow’s Peak? These are the questions that usually get fans buzzing about such matches. However, as Mickie James’ abortion of a promo showed us, TNA has no interest in making this match anything other than Madison vs. Angelina. As Mickie was randomly telling Madison that she was coming after the belt (didn’t she see Angelina with the strap? Does she need contacts?) Velvet and Tara made gestures that their friend and tag partner would be the one walking away with the strap.

These two gestures proved to me that this match would be ridiculous and pointless. Whereas WWE’s Fatal 4-Way a few months ago had an air of mystery, this match has none. Despite this match holding the opportunity for Velvet Sky to accomplish the biggest achievement of her career, she would rather help Angelina keep the belt.

I expect this match to be a less than ten minute affair. Given that Mickie is insistent on Madison being Knockout champion, my guess is Madison steals the win (wouldn’t it be awkward if Angelina won and Mickie still thought Madison was champion?). Think about the way Alicia won the title at Fatal 4-Way. Velvet and Tara will mostly exist to take the beating from Madison and Angelina respectively and have little impact in this match. As soon as Madison wins, expect Mickie James to lay her out with the Mickie DDT. Expect me to roll my eyes.

Jennifer: With the introduction of Mickie James last week, TNA has made it clear she’s going to be the focal point of the Knockouts. The question is, who will her first feud be against? If they want to keep her face, it’ll be either Madison or Tara. If heel, then Angelina or Velvet. I’m wagering that tonight, somehow, Madison will regain the title and set up a feud with Mickie. The way the title is passed around, however, I hope they do a slow burn with this feud and build it up gradually. Will that happen? Probably not. TNA likes to pull the trigger on things way too fast.

Melanie: Honestly, it could go to any of these four women and I wouldn’t care. I feel like these four and Lacey Von Erich have had all the screen time for the Knockouts on Impact and frankly, if I never hear the word ‘Beautiful People’ again, it’ll be too soon. Please let this be the nail in the coffin for this feud and please let this be the end of the TBP (both past and present) monopoly on the Knockouts division. I would like to see Tara win here and feud with Mickie James, since it’s a feud that started out hot in WWE but never got the nurturing it deserved. However, my gut says Madison wins and goes onto feud with Mickie.

Steven: Four days ago I would have said Angelina has this match in the bag. She hasn’t had the title for very long and she, alongside Velvet Sky, have been in the spotlight since their reunion. Four days ago I would have said this TBP/Rayne and Tara feud would continue for the foreseeable future. However, four days ago Mickie James was not a TNA Knockout.

The return of Mickie James to TNA has turned the division on it’s head. She made it very clear that she is gunning for the title and if she’s a face, I can only assume that she’ll be feuding with either Madison or Tara. Also, after Mickie’s little slip on Reaction, all signs lead to Madison taking the win tonight and entering into a feud with Mickie, while the newly reformed Beautiful People can take a break from the title picture and concentrate on the floundering tag team division.

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