Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Linda McMahon, WWE Slammed for Treatment of Women

For those that have been following Linda McMahon‘s bid to become a US Senator in Connecticut, you’ll know it’s definitely been a hot news story in both wrestling circles and outside. We haven’t covered this too much, but I felt this was an interesting enough story…

One thing that keeps coming back to haunt Linda and her former company, WWE, is that infamous segment between Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus in which the 7-time Women’s Champion is seen on all fours and told to bark like a dog.

That segment reared its head again this morning and was the center of discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe where the panel slammed McMahon and the WWE for profiting from violence against women. Watch below:

While I am always one of the first to question WWE’s treatment of its female talents, in this instance, it seems the hosts are misunderstood and act as though that 9-year old clip is something that is recent and can be seen by children on today’s WWE programming. I couldn’t say whether WWE has profited from violence against women — objectification, maybe.

Do you think WWE has profited from violence against women?

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