Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Torrie Wilson Discusses Leaving WWE, Atmosphere in Divas Locker Room & More

Former WWE Diva, Torrie Wilson appeared on Monday Night Mayhem this week and spoke on a number of topics. Notably, Torrie says that her clothing store ‘Jaded’ in Houston, TX kept her so busy that she was unable to take on projects in the entertainment industry. Wilson has now closed the store and is moving to California to start getting her feet back in the industry.

On leaving WWE and closing her store, Torrie says:

“I ended up leaving the WWE because I had to have back surgery, so it was kind of an abrupt thing. I came home and had back surgery and called them up back after my surgery and told them that it wasn’t something that I wanted to go back to. I was kind of not wanting to travel, and it was just the pain of not being actually working in the ring and be sidelined because of back surgery, so I just decided to give it up. I opened up my own business here in Houston, with the full intentions are to do a lot of other entertainment-type things. I was on a reality show last summer called “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out if Here” (on NBC), which did really well, but more importantly the business here…I didn’t realize how much work it was going to be. It definitely pulled me away from doing many appearances & other TV things, so I just closed my business here a couple of weeks ago, and I’m getting ready to move out to California, which I’m really excited about. I just started doing some appearances here & there, and it’s really exciting & fun to see my fans & some of the wrestlers there (at Legends of the Ring) as well.”

On the atmosphere in the Divas locker room and whether she felt judged differently because of the way she entered the industry:

“The women’s locker room was tricky at times. I can’t say that I got along just peachy with some of the people, but for the most part I had a great relationship with everyone that was in the locker room. Wrestling is largely a man’s world, and so for us, in the girls’ locker room, I felt like it was even more important to be able to get along and have people understand what we’re going through in a man’s world. Being someone that came from the fitness industry, and wasn’t a wrestler, and I didn’t work the independent scene for years, I think that there are certain people that don’t respect that, and think you should have ‘paved your way,’ and I personally think it’s pretty lame. There are a lot of industries where people all go in at all different ways: Some people fall into it, some people have a lucky break right away, some people work for years on the independent scene or whatever it is, and that’s the way they get there. When we’re there, and trying our best to improve, and obviously people want watch us on TV, you can’t fault really me for that. That was frustrating at times.”

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