Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Diva Dirt’s Shanti Meets Natalya, Report from Last Night’s Raw House Show

Diva Dirt‘s Shanti met Raw Diva Natalya yesterday in Kennewick, Washington and later saw her in action at the Raw brand house show that evening. Check out her report below:

Me and my brother went to the gym like around 10:30 in the morning to play some basketball to pass time before the house show yesterday. After playing for a while, we ate some lunch and went back to the gym. About 30 minutes after that I glanced out the window and saw a short blonde woman with pink streaks standing next to a really tall, built guy. I told my bro to look at outside. He did and said, “That’s The Hart Dynasty.”

My brother was starting to get excited and called his friend, but I just stayed calm and kept on playing basketball. My brother went outside to meet his friend while I kept playing. I saw DH Smith looking through the window a couple of times along with one of the Usos. After a about an hour, my arm was starting to hurt pretty bad so I went outside where my brother was. After about 15 minutes of chilling with my brother and his friend’s two kids we met The Hart Dynasty. I waited until the kids went up to them first to get autographs before walking up. I handed Nattie my paper and she asked if I was going to the show tonight. I told her that I was and mentioned I was a writer for Diva Dirt. She said “Awesome!” and then said “Aren’t you Shanti? The one with the sign?” I said yes and she said that she’s very excited to see it and how nice it was that I made a sign for her. She also remembered me from two events before where I made a sign for her. After few minutes of chatting, she said she’ll see me later and that she wanted to take a picture with the sign or at least sign it.

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Event time. It was The Hart Dynasty vs the Usos. The Hart Dynasty came running out slapping hands with the fans. Natalya was on the opposite side (I had second row right next to the aisle) and then went all the way around the ring. She ended up being back where I was and pointed at me holding my sign and winked. DH and Tyson lift her up onto the apron where she pointed at my sign and said “Yeah baby!” before getting into the ring. Before the match started, she climbed out of the ring, walked over to where I was and gave me a high five, saying “BOOYAH!” Every time the Usos would try to pull some dirty trick during the match, she’d look over to me and say, “Did you see that?!” or something along those lines. At one point she looked at me and pointed to the Uso in the ring and started to say, “You Suck!” encouraging me to get a chant going, which I did.

Toward the end of the match, the Usos tried to pull a Bella switch behind the ref and DH Smith’s back, but when the Uso tried to run the ropes, Tyson and Nattie grabbed him by the ankle and dragged him out of the ring. Tyson punched him and Nattie went over and body slammed him causing the crowd to go absolutely nuts! Tamina tried to help her buddy but Nattie took her out with a wicked clothesline. The match ended shortly after that when DH made the other Uso tap out with the Sharpshooter. After the Hart Dynasty celebrated in the ring, Nattie came over to me, took a sharpie I had in my hand and autographed my sign. She then pulled me into a hug and went to the back with DH and Tyson.

The wrestlers left around the same time as us, and I was standing on the sidewalk with my brother and his friends. The Hart Dynasty drove by and Nattie waved at me like a little kid, it was so cute.

So that is how my day went. Words cannot describe how much I adore Nattie and appreciate her for yesterday. Hoping to see her live again much sooner than later.

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